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Women's FA Cup Final: Everton vs Manchester City

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Teams to be announced at 1:30pm.

TEAMS: Everton: Maciver, Moe Wold, Turner, Finnigan, Sevecke, Christensen, Damaris, Sorenson, Raso, Graham, Gauvin. Manchester City: Roebuck, Stokes, Houghton, Kelly, White, Weir, Bronze, Lavelle, Mewis, Walsh, Greenwood.

1': Everton get us underway at Wembley!

4': Kelly drives forward after a good pass from Mewis. She plays it to White who has a shot and Damaris makes the block.

7': Stokes is fouled after having her heels caught.

10': Free kick for City.

12': Kelly crosses the ball to Lavelle and it goes out for a corner.

14': Mewis plays a skilful ball through to Kelly. She cuts it back and Graham wins the ball back for the Blues.

15': Raso is fouled and a yellow card for Bronze.

16': Big chance for Everton. Damaris has the shot and it spins off the wall. Raso collects the ball and brushes the shot over the bar.

19': Lavelle plays the ball to Mewis who plays it wide to Weir. Weir passes the ball into the middle to White and the Toffees did well to deal with the ball there. Both teams are causing problems for Everton.

20': Kelly cuts inside and has a shot but Maciver saves it.

22': Bronze is blocked and fouled by Raso. Raso receives a yellow card.

23': Weir takes the free kick. She crosses the ball in and it's cleared out to Kelly but she loses out on it.

27': Mewis makes an excellent run but Maciver does well to claim the ball.

31': Lavelle is offside after a promising bit of play. Kelly plays the ball to White and it was initially left by Lavelle but White heads it back to her and she strikes the ball into the ground but was offside.

35': Promising header from Gauvin but it's just wide.

37': Mewis plays it into Lavelle, who's made an excellent run into the box, but she slips.

39': Weir runs forward and cuts inside but her low shot is wide after a deflection.

40': GOAL! Greenwood puts a fantastic ball in to the box, Mewis towers over everyone and meets it. Powerful header, 1-0 City.

42': Christensen is fouled by Greenwood.

43': Christensen crossed the ball to the back post. Finnigan heads it back across the goal but Roebuck collects it.

45': Gauvin makes a brilliant run but she got caught by Houghton.

45': One minute added.

45'+1': Gauvin is down receiving treatment.

45+4': Gauvin's now off field receiving treatment and play has continued.

Half-Time: Good game so far! Everton have worked their way into the game but City have been dominant. The header has decided the scoreline so far, both sides have had promising moments but Mewis will be receiving the praise at half time.

45': Manchester City kick us off for the second half of the 50th FA Cup Final.

46': Gauvin looks okay for the second half and she is on field!

48': Graham made an excellent run down the line but it seen to by Houghton.

50': Raso fouls Greenwood in City's half.

52': Damaris fouls Mewis.

55': What a save by Maciver! Great ball to Lavelle. She plays it to Weir, who's shot ricochets off the post and Kelly gets on the ball. Her authoritative strike is saved by Maciver.

59': Good save from Roebuck. Lavellle heads it back to Damaris who's header is saved by Roebuck.

60': GOAL! It's equal again in the final! Gauvin's header from Christensen's corner is the equaliser for Everton. Gauvin did well to get in between Stokes and Roebuck to put the ball in the back of the net. 1-1.

63': MANCHESTER CITY SUBSTITUTION: White comes off for Stanway.

65': Lavelle receives the balls from Stanway after good buildup but she was offside.

67': Christensen stands over the free kick. It was lashed in and went through everyone.

68': Sevecke fouls Mewis.

69': MANCHESTER CITY SUBSTITUTION: Lavelle is replaced by Park.

72': Sorensen plays a wonderful cross and Gauvin's header goes wide. Excellent move from Everton.

75': Greenwood is down.

76': EVERTON SUSBTITUTION: Raso is replaced by Boye-Hlorkah.

77': Greenwood has returned to the field.

80': Stanway has a shot wide.

81': Stanway receives a yellow card after a foul on Sevecke.

85': Sorensen has a dangerous cross in and Roebuck flicks it over the bar. Graham is down.

87': Christensen takes the corner. She crosses it in and it ricochets off a few players and Roebuck collects.

89': Park cuts inside and plays it to Mewis. Her shot is too high.

90': Bronze with the cross and it drops to Kelly but her shot is too high.

90': 6 minutes added.

90+2': EVERTON SUBSTITUTION: Graham is replaced by Pike.

90+4': Stokes cut it back to Weir and her shot was over the bar but it was rushed. Missed opportunity for City.

90+5': Wonderful play from City again. Mewis played it to Weir who has a one two with Kelly. Weir's shot hit the bar. Close again.

90+6': Damaris' header goes wide after Christensen's corner.

Full-Time: It's been an excellent final. It's 1-1. Extra time is to be played.

1': A new assistant referee after an issue.

1: We're underway for the first half of extra time.

1': EVERTON SUBSTITUTIONS: Gauvin is replaced by Magill. Sevecke is replaced by Pattinson.

3': Greenwood puts in the corner and Maciver does well to parry it away.

6': Park plays it to Mewis. She has a shot but Maciver takes it calmly.

8': EVERTON SUBSTITUTIONS: Stringer comes on for Damaris.

11': Boye-Hlorkah has a shot over the bar.

15': Great defending from Finnigan. She's Everton's last line of defence and Maciver is down hurt after Stanway got through on goal.

16': Houghton heads the ball towards the net and it looks like it's going in but Maciver has had an excellent game and saves it. What a save. Everton have saved themselves again.

Half-Time: What a half for Everton.

15': We're back again. Here we go!

18': This game is so close. However, both teams are tiring.

21': GOAL! Stanway may have won this for City!! What an excellent move. Park plays it to Stanway and it's put under Maciver. 2-1 City.

23': Great block to stop Kelly's shot.

26': It's cut back to Sorensen and her shot is saved by Roebuck.

29': MANCHESTER CITY SUBSTITUTION: Kelly is replaced by Beckie.

30': Christiansen is over the free kick. Maciver is up there and it's cleared by City.

30': 2 minutes added.

32': Brilliant diagonal from Stanway to Park.

32': GOAL! Stanway plays the ball to Beckie. Her goal puts the game to bed for Manchester City. 3-1 City.

Full-Time: An excellent game, each team gave it their all and City deserved to win. Heartbreak for Everton. Mewis was excellent and thrived in this game. Maciver is my player of the match and she had a world class game and made some sensational saves to keep Everton in it until the end.

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