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SPFL: Celtic vs Rangers

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

2:00pm: Teams to be announced at 2:30pm (GMT+3).

2:30pm: Teams:

Celtic: Forster, Frimpong, Julien, Ajer, Bolingoli, Christie, Brown, McGregor, Johnston, Forrest, Edouard.

Rangers: McGregor, Tavernier, Goldson, Katic, Barisic, Kamara, Aribo, Davis, Jack, Kent, Morelos.

3:31pm: Rangers to get us underway at Celtic Park!

3:33pm: High intensity in the first minute.

3:38pm: Good play from Rangers, threatening and fiery.

3:39pm: Morelos wins a free kick.

3:39pm: Barisic crosses it in but it was too close to Celtic’s keeper Foster and takes it in steady hands.

3:40pm: Neat play from Rangers with Tavernier whipping it in but no one got on the end of it. Exciting start for Rangers.

3:41pm: Aribo tackled Bolingoli and tried to get a shot off. He took one too many touches and the keeper took it away from him.

3:42pm: Tavernier plays it over the top for Morelos but he gives away a foul.

3:44pm: Morelos gives away another foul by backing into Ajer.

3:45pm: Morelos shoots after positive play from Rangers but Forster made a comfortable save.

3:46pm: Celtic creeping into the game with great defending from Rangers.

3:46pm: Morelos shoots again with a bit more power this time but Forster saves it.

3:49pm: Great ball again from Tavernier but it didn’t quite reach it’s target as Bolingoli puts it out.

3:49pm: Free kick for Rangers in a great position.

3:51pm: Christie had a shot but it went over the bar.

3:51pm: Morelos earns a free kick for Rangers as Julien fouled him.

3:53pm: Celtic haven’t started yet and Rangers have had an exciting start.

3:54pm: Julien and Morelos are having a good battle. Morelos wins another free kick in a good position.

3:56pm: Free kick went out for a corner. Rangers just putting more and more pressure on the Champions.

3:56pm: Forster made a great save from the corner.

3:58pm: Celtic trying to calm play down and patiently waiting for an opening.

3:59pm: Great move from Celtic. Unfortunately, Johnston crosses it in and Christie shoots over the bar.

4:01pm: Celtic are gaining more possession and creating more opportunities. Rangers, however, are still on top and appear to be controlling the game.

4:03pm: PENALTY for Celtic. Katic holds onto a Celtic players shirt and gets a yellow.

4:05pm: Christie steps up and McGregor saves it! Great save. 0-0 still at Celtic Park.

4:06pm: Clearance off the line by Davies. The penalty decision has turned the game on its head, it’s seemed to give Celtic confidence.

4:08pm: GOAL! Rangers score. Barisic picks out Kent, who’s finish is beautiful. What a great goal!

4:10pm: Yellow card for Scott Brown.

4:13pm: GOAL! McGregor shoots and it takes a deflection off of Edouard and goes in. The keeper can‘t get to it. All equal at Celtic Park.

4:16pm: Celtic are back in it and now have some confidence. This is shaping out to be an exciting contest.

4:18pm: 2 minutes added on.

4:19pm: HALF-TIME: What a first half that was. Full of action and excitement. Christie missed a penalty for Celtic. 3 minutes later, Rangers scored through Kent’s excellent finish. This half moved so quickly that 4 minutes later, Celtic then scored off a deflection. Fiery first half and honestly I’m not sure who’s going to win this game. Rangers were on top for the majority of the game and Celtic just started before half time which lead to their equaliser.

4:35pm: Celtic to kick us off for the second half.

4:38pm: Morelos earns a free kick and Christie gets a yellow card.

4:39pm: Goldson plays a through ball to Davis. He’s crosses it in and Morelos meets it but hits it over.

4:43pm: Threatening few minutes for Celtic. They are really growing into the game.

4:44pm: Free kick for Rangers after a foul on Tavernier.

4:45pm: Goldson gets his head on a second cross into the area but it hit a Celtic player And went out for a corner.

4:46pm: GOAL! Davis meets the cross and it goes into the back of the net. Rangers back on top.

4:48pm: Free kick for Rangers.

4:50pm: Christie fouls Morelos outside the area.

4:51pm: Free kick to Celtic.

4:53pm: Rangers controlling the game again. Excellent defending and promising attacks.

4:55pm: Corner comes in and Celtic head it towards goal but Rangers have men on the line and it’s cleared.

4:56pm: Great save from McGregor after Edouard shoots.

4:57pm: DOUBLE CHANGE FOR CELTIC. Johnston comes off for Bitton. Forrest comes off for Ntcham.

4:59pm: Celtic are getting closer. Christie’s crosses fizz into the box and threaten every time.

4:59pm: Yellow card for Kamara and a free kick for Celtic.

5:00pm: Free kick for Rangers.

5:01pm: Yellow Card for Bolingoli after a foul on Tavernier.

5:02pm: Good periods of play for both sides.

5:04pm: Corner for Celtic. They are pushing.

5:06pm: Morelos and Aribo find themselves two on two. Morelos lays it off for Aribo but he shoots too high.

5:07pm: Free kick for Rangers.

5:10pm: RANGERS SUBSTITUTION: Kamara off for Arfield.

5:10pm: CELTIC SUBSTITUTION: Christie off for Griffiths.

5:11pm: Yellow card for Barisic. Free kick for Celtic in a threatening position.

5:12pm: Griffiths shoots from a tight angle but it never troubles the keeper.

5:13pm: Free kick for Celtic at the other end.

5:15pm: Yellow card for Morelos after a foul on Brown. The free kick came to nothing and went out for a goal kick.

5:18pm: Free kick for Celtic in their own half.

5:19pm: Morelos wins a free kick. It goes out for a corner.

5:20pm: 4 minutes added time.

5:21pm: CELTIC SUBSTITUTION: Davis is off for Edmundson.

5:24pm: Celtic still pushing, wanting to salvage a point.

5:25pm: Morelos is sent off! Second yellow for simulation.

5:25pm: Someone on Rangers background staff is sent off.

5:26pm: FULL-TIME: Rangers win at Celtic Park. Barisic is my man of the match as he was consistent with crosses and he was great at tracking back and defending.

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