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Premier League: West Ham United vs Tottenham Hotspur

Teams to be announced at 2:30pm (GMT+3).

West Ham: Roberto, Fredericks, Ogbonna, Diop, Cresswell, Noble, Rice, Snodgrass, Yarmolenko, Anderson, Haller.

Tottenham: Gazzaniga, Aurier, Alderweireld, Sanchez, Davies, Dier, Winks, Dele, Lucas, Son, Kane.

3:30pm: Kick off. Mourinho’s first game in charge.

3:33pm: Offside! Alli passes it to Kane who smashes it in the top of the net but he was just offside.

3:35pm: Lovely play. Also passed it through to Kane who tried to pass it back across the goal but no one was there and he was offside.

3:37pm: Good play for West Ham. Fredericks crosses it and Haller met it with his head but it was straight at Gazzaniga. 3:40pm: Yarmolenko earns West Ham a free kick.

3:41pm: Diop earns a yellow and gives Kane a freekick but it seemed like Kane was pulling Diop.

3:42pm: Winks delivers the freekick but Roberto tries to catch it and Sanchez is given offside. 3:44pm: Good play from West Ham. Fredericks is being used a lot down the right wing. 3:47pm: Good controlling play from Tottenham. 3:48pm: Good run from Rice who passes it to Yarmolenko. He tries to chip it over but it goes out.

3:49pm: Good shot from Son. It’s pushed to Alli who passes it to Dier. He crosses it and Moura heads it wide. 3:52pm: Good defending from Rice who had to run with the ball out of a sticky situation with two Tottenham players chasing him. 3:55pm: Noble passed it over the top to Anderson and to Haller but it went behind him. Great bit of play, good chance for West Ham.

3:58pm: Good attacking presence from West Ham. Yarmolenko and Fredericks are talented players that seem to compliment each other. 4:03pm: Alli passes it inside to Son but it’s cleared before he can reach it. 4:05pm: Alli passed it inside to Son who flicked it over for Kane but Rice saves West Ham.

4:06pm: GOAL!!! Alli passes it to Son who scores. 4:07pm: Yellow card for Fredericks. Could’ve been a red, looked to have taken him out. VAR red card check. Check complete, stays yellow. After seeing a replay, that is a definite red. 4:12pm: GOAL!!! Alli passed it to Son after falling over. Son passed it to the back stick and Moura finishes it off. 2-0. 4:14pm: Snodgrass tries a shot after exciting play from a West Ham but it goes wide.

4:17pm: Roberto touches Moura’s header over.

4:17pm: Half-Time: Good first half for Tottenham. West Ham looking a little bit frantic. 4:35pm: Good chan for Spurs. Son passes it to Moura who looks to roll it to the back post but it goes out. 4:36pm: GOAL!!! Aurier crosses it to Kane who heads it in. Great ball from Aurier. 4:43pm: WEST HAM SUBSTITUTION: Antonio on for Anderson.

4:45pm: West Ham slowly trying to regain control. 4:48pm: Kane was free and through on goal but Diop manages to get back and make a vital tackle. 4:51pm: WEST HAM SUBSTITUTION: Diop comes off for Fornal. 4:56pm: Davies is given a Yellow after Antonio dances forward And Davies fouls him

5:00pm: GOAL!!! Antonio scores! What a hit. 3-1.

5:02pm: TOTTENHAM SUBSTITUTION: Davies off for Rose.

5:05pm: TOTTENHAM SUBSTITUTION: Alli off for Eriksen. 5:09pm: TOTTENHAM SUBSTITUTION: Moura off for Sissoko.

5:12pm: Very attacking from West Ham from in the last 10 minutes.

5:13pm: Yellow Cards for both Kane and Snodgrass after an incident because West Ham continued play when Sissoko was down. 5:16pm: GOAL!!! Rice scored from the corner but appears to be offside.

5:17pm: CORRECTION: No goal due to offside.

5:23pm: Good play from West Ham.

5:24pm: GOAL!!! Ogbonna scores a header from the corner. 3-2.

5:24pm: Full-Time: Good last 25 minutes from West Ham. Good play from Tottenham, deserved the win but started to look shaky towards the end and a bit like West Ham in the first half. My man of the match is Harry Kane. His work rate was top class, he scored and he made a couple tackles when they were needed.

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