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Premier League: Norwich City FC vs Brighton & Hove Albion FC

11:30am: Teams to be announced at 1:30pm (GMT+2).

1:30pm: TEAMS: Norwich City: Krul, Aarons, Godfrey, Klose, Lewis, Tettey, McLean, Buendia, Duda, Hernandez, Drmic. Brighton & Hove Albion: Ryan, Lamptey, Dunk, Webster, Burn, Bissouma, Mooy, Propper, Connolly, Maupay, Trossard.

2:31pm: Brighton get us underway at Carrow Road.

2:33pm: Lamptey is fouled.

2:33pm: Mooy takes the free kick and it‘s a great ball in. The ball is deflected out to Connolly. The half volley is too high but it’s good start from the Seagulls.

2:36pm: Good cross in from Norwich and Dunk heads it away to Aarons who dribbles into the box and it’s cleared by Brighton’s defence.

2:38pm: Lamptey is fouled by Hernandez in Brighton’s half.

2:40pm: Norwich are having good a period of possession. This is going to be a difficult game for both sides as they both like to play with a lot of possession.

2:41pm: The ball is crossed in for Max Aaron’s but there’s too much weight on the ball and it goes out for a goal kick.

2:44pm: Hernandez dances into the box and goes past Webster to have a shot which is blocked by Dunk.

2:47pm: Tettey’s offside.

2:48pm: Dunk passes the ball diagonally but it’s too long and Maupay couldn’t reach it.

2:50pm: Hernandez has a run into the box and it was a difficult angle to score from and the shot’s too high.

2:51pm: Good hold up play from Mooy who lays it off to Propper. He plays in Lamptey. Lamptey has a good cross into the box but no one got on to it.

2:52pm: Trossard went down and claimed a penalty. VAR looked at it but there wasn’t anything in it from Aarons.

2:53pm: Lamptey fouled Hernandez.

2:55pm: Mooy fouls McLean.

2:57pm: GOAL! Maupay plays Mooy in and he crosses the ball to Trossard and he places it into the back of the net past Krul. 1-0, great ball from Maupay to release Mooy.

2:58pm: Lamptey has lots of strength and runs into the box. He plays the ball into the box, wonderful ball in but no one was there.

2:59pm: Good block from Webster and clearance from Mooy after Norwich broke in a counter attack.

3:02pm: Hernandez goes past Lamptey and he sticks to Hernandez but it goes wide.

3:07pm: Great ball from Mooy and Trossard takes a touch and it’s taken from him.

3:08pm: Yellow card for Lewis. Cynical challenge from Lewis on Lamptey.

3:10pm: Maupay played it wide to Lamptey. He played it back to Maupay and he couldn’t get a shot and it’s cleared.

3:12pm: Burn fouls a Norwich player on the outside of Norwich’s area.

3:14pm: Aarons gets onto a wonderful diagonal ball he plays it inside to Duda who tries to play it again but it doesn’t work and it goes out for A goal kick.

3:16pm: Buendia turns wonderfully in Brighton’s box and plays it to Hernandez who’s shot is blocked by Mooy.

3:16pm: 2 minutes added.

3:18pm: Half-Time: Good first half from both sides. Brighton capitalised on a Norwich mistake and scored with their counter attack. Lots of possession from both sides. Hernandez has been bright for Norwich. Lamptey has been good for Brighton and he’s had a very good work rate.

3:33pm: The Canaries get us underway for the second half.

3:35pm: Duda has a shot and it’s blocked.

3:36pm: Connolly has a shot after stepping inside and Klose blocked it.

3:37pm: Mooy is fouled.

3:38pm: Mooy takes the freekick and Burn tried to get on to it but it came off his back for a goal kick.

3:40pm: Corner goes in by Mooy and it’s cleared to Bissouma who tries to put it back in and it’s cleared again.

3:43pm: Great play by Brighton, good link up play by Burn, Maupay and Trossard. Trossard ends up fouling a Norwich player.

3:44pm: Buendia’s volley was blocked by Dunk.

3:45pm: Foul on Maupay.

3:46pm: Lamptey fouls Lewis.

3:47pm: Buendia’s cross went straight into Ryan’s hands.

3:47pm: Burn plays it to Trossard who plays it inside to Propper who has a shot and it’s cleared by Aarons for a Brighton corner.

3:48pm: Mooy’s corner is cleared.

3:52pm: Goal kick after a penalty claim from Lamptey.

3:56pm: NORWICH CITY FC SUBSTITUTIONS: Duda comes off Idah, Drmic comes on Pukki and Hernandez comes on Cantwell.

3:56pm: Bissouma has a shot and it’s a great strike but Krul parries it away.

3:58pm: Connolly is fouled.

3:59pm: BRIGHTON & HOVE ALBION FC SUBSTITUTIONS: Gross comes on for Mooy and Bernardo comes on for Connolly.

4:02pm: Aarons is fouled.

4:03pm: Buendia takes the free kick and it’s cleared.

4:06pm: NORWICH CITY FC SUBSTITUTIONS: Tettey comes off for Vrancic.

4:07pm: BRIGHTON & HOVE ALBION FC SUBSTITUTIONS: Mac Allister comes on for Trossard. Stephens comes on for Bissouma.

4:08pm: Buendia is fouled.

4:09pm: Lamptey is fouled by Idah.

4:13pm: Maupay fouls McLean.

4:15pm: Yellow card for Lamptey for time wasting.

4:17pm: Good clearance from Propper after a cross from Aarons.

4:18pm: Cantwell gets a yellow after a cynical foul on Lamptey. Gross got a yellow card for dissent.

4:19pm: 6 minutes added time.

4:22pm: Idah‘s header hits the post for Norwich.

4:22pm: BRIGHTON & HOVE ALBION FC SUBSTITUTION: Lamptey comes off for Duffy.

4:23pm: Cantwell’s header went wide.

4:23pm: Mac Allister’s flick was classy.

4:25pm: Full-Time: Brighton finish with the win. Good game from both teams. Norwich started fighting in the second half and they’ve had good game defensively. Brighton’s win was earned the hard way, they defended their lead most of the second half. Great game from Hernandez for Norwich, still think he was very bright for them even though he went off in the 67th minute. Lamptey had a great game too. He was brilliant in defence and attack and was a contender for my man of the match. However, my man of the match is Propper. His work rate and defending was brilliant and his vital clearances helped the game over the line.

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