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Premier League: Manchester United vs Brighton & Hove Albion

Teams to be announced at 4pm (GMT+3).

Manchester United: De Gea, Wan-Bissaka, Lindellof, Maguire, Williams, McTominay, Fred, James, Pereira, Rashford, Martial.

Brighton: Ryan, Montoya, Dunk, Duffy, Burn, Trossard, Stephens, Pröpper, Alzate, Connolly, Maupay.

4:58pm: A minute of silence for the fallen. Lest we forget.

5:00pm: United kickoff.

5:02pm: Free kick for United. They take it quickly.

5:03pm: Ryan came off his line after Lindelof passed it over the top to Rashford. United finding their tempo early on.

5:04pm: Yellow Card for Stephens slipped but foul on a United player was late.

5:06pm: Well defended from Connolly who gets a throw in high up the field after Brighton were defending.

5:07pm: Good tackle from Trossard who dances with the defender and earns a throw in.

5:08pm: James crossed the ball into the box for Rashford but Montoya got there first.

5:10pm: Good ball from Rashford to Pereira but Brighton defended well. 5:11pm: Free kick for United after a late foul on McTominay. 5:13pm: Dunk defended well after Martial crossed it low and he blocked it. Then Brighton went up the other end and Connolly was caught offside.

5:15pm: Rashford dribbled forward and he ran at Brighton‘s defence. Ryan saved his shot.

5:16pm: GOAL!! United go ahead. Pereira shot after classy link up play from the Red Devils and it goes in off Stephens. 1-0 to Manchester United.

5:18pm: Yellow Card for Lewis Dunk after a foul on James. 5:19pm: GOAL!! McTominay scored. 5:22pm: Brighton are playing out of character. Potter needs to get these boys in and they need to regroup. They can’t seem to pass to each other and they don’t move. The few good plays have all come from Trossard. United, on the other hand, are playing some nice football. They are playing triangles and beautiful link up play. 5:25pm: CORRECTION: Goal was an own goal for Pröpper. 5:26pm: Nice football from Brighton until Montoya played a sloppy ball. 5:27pm: Connolly free kick. Trossard to take. Good ball and Brighton should’ve scored from Duffy. 5:30pm: Yellow Card for Montoya. Lunged at Rashford. Desperate and unnecessary.

5:32pm: First corner for Brighton. Connolly accidentally caught De Gea on the face and play stops to make sure he’s okay.

5:34pm: Free kick after foul on Connolly. Montoya crosses it and Dunk flicks it on to Duffy who heads it down but United got the ball. 5:37pm: Rashford’s down with medical staff now assessing the injury. Although it’s not clear where he sustained the injury. 5:38pm: He’s walking now which is good. 5:41pm: Connolly headed the ball over the bar. 5:42pm: Good defending from Dunk. James crosses it and forces Dunk to clear before it would’ve fallen for Rashford.

5:44pm: Maguire headed it over the bar from the corner.

5:44pm: Yellow Card for Rashford.

5:45pm: 4 minutes added.

5:47pm: Yellow Card got Burn.

6:08pm: SUBSTITUTION: Murray on for Connolly. Montoya off for March.

6:09pm: Free kick for Brighton after McTominay fouled Murray. 6:12pm: Free kick for United. Good control of the midfield for United. 6:14pm: Rashford picks up on a loose ball and dribbles forward. He shoots but it went behind off another United player. 6:16pm: Pereira shoots but Ryan saves it.

6:17pm: SUBSTITUTION: Groß comes on for Trossard. 6:22pm: Great passage of play for Brighton. Almost got a goal as Maupay almost tipped it over De Gea.

6:23pm: GOAL!! Corner for Brighton. Lewis Dunk scores the header. 2-1.

6:25pm: GOAL!! Manchester United score! Rashford clinically finishes and hits the bottom of the cross bar. 3-1. 2 goal lead again.

6:27pm: James drives forward and plays it to the back post and Rashford misses an open goal. How it’s not 4-1, I don’t know. 6:28pm: SUBSTITUTION: Pereira off for Lingard.

6:30pm: Pröpper drives forward and passes to Alzate but the attack fizzes out.

6:30pm: Good save from Maty Ryan denying Williams.

6:31pm: Another good save. Ryan denies Rashford this time. 6:33pm: Yellow Card. Pröpper the in the book. 6:34pm: Rashford shoots the freekick into the Brighton wall.

6:34pm: Ryan saves it between his knees but now looks to be in pain. 6:36pm: Ryan is okay and walking. 6:37pm: Dunk fouls Rashford just outside the area. 6:39pm: Fred shot over the bar. 6:45pm: Good chance for Martial. Nice turn but shot at the keeper. 6:48pm: Rashford misses again. 6:49pm: SUBSTITUTION: Rashford comes off for Greenwood. Williams off for Rojo. 3 minutes added.

6:51pm: Good defending from Duffy after Martial almost slipped through. 6:53pm: McTominay is down and a stretcher is on field. This does not look good for the young lad. 6:54pm: McTominay is back on his feet, hopping slightly but back on his feet. United will have a few seconds with 10 men.

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