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Premier League: Everton vs Brighton & Hove Albion

3:50pm: Teams to be announced at 5pm (GMT+3).

5:00pm: Teams:

Everton: Pickford, Sibide, Keane, Holgate, Digne, Walcott, Sigurdsson, Davies, Bernard, Richarison, Calvert-Lewin.

Brighton: Ryan, Duffy, Dunk, Webster, Montoya, Stephens, Propper, Bernardo, Jahanbakhsh, Maupay, Trossard.

6:00pm: Brighton get us underway at Goodison Park.

6:02pm: Free kick for Brighton after a foul by Sigurdsson on Jahanbakhsh.

6:02pm: Trossard standing over the ball. It was a great ball in and it was a scramble in front of goal but Pickford collected it from Dunk.

6:04pm: Walcott got threw and Dunk tugged him slightly but Ryan saves it. Walcott didn’t go down and it’s not initially given. VAR Check.

6:05pm: VAR Check complete. No penalty.

6:06pm: Good start by Everton, very lively.

6:08pm: Good move by Everton. Sharp ball in from Bernard but it’s batted away by Brighton’s defence.

6:11pm: Bernard passes it to Richarlison. However, Ryan gets there quicker. Calvert-Lewin makes a run that almost disguises Richarlison‘s run.

6:12pm: Bernard passes it wide to Keane. He makes an excellent cross but no one is there to meet it.

6:13pm: Everton in full of control of the game with Brighton barely able to get possession.

6:14pm: Excellent ball in from Bernard to Calvert-Lewin however Ryan gets the ball and it deflects off of Calvert-Lewin and it goes out for a goal kick.

6:16pm: First attacking move from Brighton and it was very promising. Webster passes diagonally it to Bernardo who crosses it back to Montoya. He hits it first time to Jahanbakhsh and he volleyed it over the bar.

6:18pm: Brighton are slowly starting to link up and they are beginning to have small periods of possession.

6:21pm: Duffy was clipped by Calvert-Lewin and it’s a free kick to Brighton.

6:22pm: Brighton had a handball and it’s a free kick to Everton.

6:23pm: Bernardo fouls Walcott after a Brighton lost possession in Everton’s box.

6:24pm: Bernard passes it to Calvert-Lewin and Richarlison almost gets it in but great defending from Dunk.

6:26pm: Great pass from Bernard to Walcott. It‘s deflected and Bernard gets it again just on the area and he shoots.

6:30pm: Richarlison is down off field.

6:31pm: Richarlison is back on the field and Brighton are building in this rare spell of possession.

6:32pm: Walcott crosses it lowly but Duffy intercepts.

6:36pm: Richarlison had a good shot but Ryan parried it far away.

6:37pm: GOAL! What a lovely finish from Richarlison. Richarlison passes it to Bernard who passes it wide to Digne. He crossed it low to Richarlison who swivels and passes it into the back of the net. 1-0 to Everton.

6:39pm: Stephens gives away a foul after he pushed Bernard. Good position for Everton.

6:40pm: Sigurdsson crosses it in and Keane tries to head it in but Duffy gets enough on it to get it away.

6:44pm: Maupay struck in the face by Holgate and wins a free kick for Brighton.

6:45pm: Two minutes added time.

6:46pm: Tricky feet from Trossard and Everton had to kick it out.

6:47pm: HALF-TIME: Good half from Everton. Great goal by Richarlison after constant pressure from the home side. They dominated the first half with Bernard practically everywhere for them. Brighton have had spells of possession but haven’t seemed to get going. They are giving Calvert-Lewin and Bernard too much space which is adding to their dangerous attacks.

7:03pm: Everton kick us off for the second half.

7:04pm: Trossard had lovely feet to get rid of Davies and Sigurdsson but he shot and it went out. He should’ve passed it to an open Maupay.

7:04pm: Bernardo nicks the ball and passes it to Maupay Who passes it to an open Trossard but he aimlessly shoots.

7:07pm: Everton have a free kick after a foul by Duffy on Walcott.

7:08pm: VAR Check for a penalty after the free kick.

7:09pm: VAR Check complete. Corner for Everton.

7:11pm: Trossard shoots after cutting in but it hit the bar and went out for an Everton throw in.

7:13pm: Richarlison shoots but Dunk blocks the ball.

7:14pm: Good pressure from Trossard and Brighton win a throw in at the other end after Everton’s corner.

7:18pm: Digne crosses it and Duffy clears. Corner for Everton.

7:19pm: BRIGHTON DOUBLE SUBSTITUTION: Gross on for Montoya. Alzate on for Jahanbakhsh.

7:21pm: Great pass cutting open Everton’s defence however Gross’ first touch lets him down.

7:23pm: Great reflexes from Maty Ryan! Walcott crosses it to Bernard who shoots but Maty Ryan pushes it away and picks it up.

7:26pm: WHAT A SAVE AGAIN! Ryan is keeping Brighton in this.

7:29pm: EVERTON SUBSTITUTION: Bernard off for Delph.

7:29pm: BRIGHTON SUBSTITUTION: Stephens off for Murray.

7:31pm: Calvert-Lewin dived and Brighton got a free kick.

7:32pm: EVERTON SUBSTITUTION: Walcott comes off for Coleman.

7:33pm: Brilliant defending from Dunk. Richarlison gets the volley away but Dunk gets in the way again.

7:35pm: It hit the post and Calvert-Lewin handles it on the line to push it in. Yellow card for Calvert-Lewin and no goal.

7:36pm: Duffy gets a yellow card. Free kick comes to nothing and goes out for a goal kick.

7:39pm: Trossard crosses it in and Murray headed it towards goal but it went out for a corner after Pickford saved it.

7:41pm: EVERTON SUBSTITUTION: Digne comes off for Mina.

7:44pm: Brighton are Building and Everton are defending well. Brighton don’t have quality on the ball.

7:46pm: Murray missed a vital chance after he found space and had beaten the keeper but he didn’t find the back of the net.

7:48pm: Four minutes added time.

7:52pm: Yellow card for Pickford for dissent.

7:53pm:FULL-TIME: Everton dominated the game with Brighton finishing stronger. Everton played some fantastic football and Bernard is my man of the match. He was lethal to Brighton and he seemed to cut Brighton’s defence open. Brighton seemed to wake up in the second half and only started to force saves out of Pickford in the last 30 minutes after Alzate came on. Great goal from Richarlison and a goal disallowed because Calvert-Lewin handled the ball on the line to push it in. Good performance from Everton overall, however it was slightly shaky towards the end.

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