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Premier League: Burnley vs Arsenal

2:10pm: Teams to be announced at 4pm (GMT+3).

4:00pm: Teams:

Burnley: Pope, Lowton, Tarkowski, Mee, Taylor, Hendrick, Westwood, Cork, McNeil, Wood, Rodriguez.

Arsenal: Leno, Bellerin, Mustafi, Luiz, Saka, Guendouzi, Xhaka, Martinelli, Ozil, Aubameyang, Lacazette.

5:00pm: Arsenal get us underway at Turf Moor.

5:01pm: Early chance for Arsenal. Aubameyang crosses it in and Lacazette heads it wide.

5:02pm: Saka crosses it in after lots of space between the lines and Martinelli heads it wide for the first corner.

5:04pm: Saka beats his man and then is fouled by the second man. Free kick. Ozick stands over it, crossing it in but there’s a foul on a Burnley player inside their area.

5:06pm: Saka crosses in another wonderful ball but it goes over Aubameyang and Pope collects it.

5:09pm: Play has calmed down a bit over the past 3 minutes, Burnley and Arsenal are calmer on the ball.

5:13pm: Luiz plays it over the top and Aubameyang shoots wide.

5:14pm: Lowton puts in a cross but it’s caught by Leno.

5:18pm: Good stretching save from Leno. Wood lays it off for Rodriguez and his effort is saved.

5:19pm: Burnley’s corner is whipped in but Leno had to poke it over.

5:19pm: The next corner is whipped in dangerously again but it’s parried away by Leno.

5:22pm: Tarkowski makes a great tackle to save a potential goal scoring opportunity. Guendouzi fires it wide after a deflection.

5:23pm: Ozil delivers a good corner and Xhaka heads it over.

5:24pm: Saka has gone down after the previous knock. Seems like his hip is the problem.

5:26pm: Saka is allowed to continue by the medical staff.

5:28pm: McNeil and Taylor linking up well for Burnley.

5:29pm: McNeil had a shot after Wood passes it to him but it’s hit over the bar.

5:34pm: McNeil crosses it in and Wood tries to head it but Leno catches it.

5:36pm: Xhaha plays it over the top but Aubameyang couldn’t find the finish.

5:37pm: McNeil crosses it in again and Hendrick shoots but it just over the top.

5:42pm: Free kick for Burnley. It came in and it was put out by Xhaka but the Referee called a goal kick.

5:43pm: Another free kick Leads to a second after Ozil has a high boot. Ozil gets a yellow card. Hendrick crosses it in again. Mee heads it down but Leno catches it.

5:45pm: 1 minute added time.

5:45pm: Free kick for McNeil after Bellerin fouls him. Not taken as the whistle is blown.

5:45pm: HALF-TIME: Good start for Arsenal but Burnley have had more chances since then. McNeil is causing Arsenal some problems and so is Hendrick. Looking forward to see who comes out on top in the second half. Great half from Burnley who have had more shots.

6:02pm: Burnley kick us off for the second half.

6:02pm: ARSENAL SUBSTITUTION: Saka comes off for Torreira.

6:03pm: Guendouzi wins a free kick.

6:05pm: Burnley are on top in the beginning of the second half.

6:07pm: Good attacking play from Burnley. They are winning the duels, the second balls and Arsenal can’t get the ball to stick.

6:09pm: Bellerin fouled Rodriguez in Burnley’s half.

6:10pm: Good play from Arsenal. Martinelli couldn’t sort out his feet and Pope catches it.

6:12pm: Good cross in from then free kick and Tarkovski couldn’t get it in.

6:13pm: Taylor wins a free kick after Torreira gets a yellow card.

6:15pm: Westwood swings it in and Rodriguez heads it over.

6:16 pm: Hendrick misses another chance. Taylor drops it to McNeil who finds Hendrick but Burnley’s chance is another vital one missed.

6:18pm: Aubameyang breaks and Ozil wins a corner.

6:19pm: Ozil played the corner short for Xhaka but the cross was not hit hard enough.

6:20pm: ARSENAL SUBSTITUTION: Willock comes on for Ozil.

6:23pm: Torreira had a shot from distance but Pope handles it well.

6:24pm: Willock had a shot but it goes wide.

6:28pm: Corner for Arsenal after Xhaka’s cross is headed out by Mee. Luiz had a shot and it goes out for another corner.

6:29pm: Luiz is down after a head injury.

6:30pm: He’s up again and appears to be okay.

6:32pm: Aubameyang passes it to Bellerin who bursts into the box and curls it wide.

6:33pm: Aubameyang misses another opportunity. Xhaka lays it off to Lacazette. He crosses it in and Aubameyang heads it wide.

6:35pm: SO CLOSE! McNeil heads it back across to Rodriguez, who’s effort hits the underside for the bar and comes out. Arsenal clear it.

6:38pm: Yellow for Tarkovski.

6:40pm: Xhaka to Torreira to Aubameyang who crosses it in and Torreira takes it down and Lacazette shoots but Pope catches it.

6:41pm: Hendrick keeps the attack alive and crosses it in to McNeil who shoots it over.

6:43pm: Bellerin crosses it in but Lowton clears it. The corner results in a free kick for Burnley.

6:45pm: ARSENAL SUSBTITUTION: Lacazette comes off for Nketiah.

6:47pm: 3 added minutes.

6:50pm: FULL-TIME: 0-0 draw. It was quite a balanced game. Burnley had more chances and they will be disappointed as they had chance after chance. Arsenal started to attack more in the second half but it was disappointing they didn’t score either. McNeil is my man of the match as he was everywhere. He defended and he was at the centre of all the attacks for Burnley. His pinpoint crossing and vision to create chances was excellent.

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