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Premier League: Brighton & Hove Albion vs Aston Villa

3:00pm: Teams to be announced at 5pm (GMT+3).

5:00pm: Teams:

Brighton: Ryan, Alzate, Dunk, Webster, Bernardo, Mooy, Stephens, Propper, Trossard, Maupay, Connolly.

Aston Villa: Reina, Konsa, Mings, Hause, Guilbert, Drinkwater, Nakamba, Targett, Trezeguet, El Ghazi, Grealish.

6:01pm: Aston Villa get us underway at the Amex!

6:02pm: Connolly had a early chance. Webster plays it over the top for Mooy but it’s hit too far but Connolly gets on the end and his shot is blocked early.

6:04pm: Early attacking intent from Brighton. Good control from Brighton in the opening minutes.

6:06pm: Good energy from Maupay. He wins it back and he shoots from a tight angle and it flies over.

6:12pm: Good defending from Webster. Villa win the first corner. However, Guilbert is down injured after chasing the second ball.

6:14pm: He’s back on.

6:15pm: Drinkwater gets a yellow. He fouled Maupay and earned Brighton a free kick.

6:16pm: Connolly gives away a free kick.

6:17pm: Drinkwater shoots but it goes wide.

6:18pm: Trossard fouls a Villa player in their half.

6:21pm: Great move by Brighton. Bernardo plays it down the line to Trossard. He plays it inside to Bernardo and he crosses it to Mooy who passes it back inside to Connolly. He lays it off to Maupay who couldn’t sort out his feet.

6:23pm: Great ball from Alzate, after a fantastic turn, to Trossard who got goalside but he couldn’t get control of it.

6:24pm: Trezeguet tries to cross but Dunk blocks it and Villa get a corner which is played short but the move doesn’t work and goes out for a goal kick.

6:26pm: Good pressure from Villa.

6:27pm: Great strength from Propper to win back the ball off of Grealish after a potential attack from Aston Villa cut off early.

6:29pm: Maupay crosses the ball and Connolly’s shot is wide.

6:32pm: Maupay dribbles forward and shoots but it gets a deflection and goes wide.

6:33pm: Brighton tried a training ground routine from the corner but it didn’t work.

6:37pm: Mooy earns Brighton a free kick near the box.

6:38pm: Grealish ran on his own and he shot wide.

6:39pm: GOAL! Maupay dribbled forward and he played it to Trossard who shot first time and it hit the back of the net beautifully. 1-0 Brighton.

6:43pm: Yellow card for Dunk after El Ghazi’s turn and Dunk pulled his shirt.

6:46pm: Free kick for Villa. El Ghazi headed it wide.

6:46pm: 2 minutes added time.

6:48pm: HALF-TIME: Brighton are 1-0 up and in control. Brighton scored a wonderfully worked goal and Villa started to liven up towards the end of the half. It will be interesting to see what happens in the second half. Great play from Brighton and Villa have been good defensively with a high press and some good tackles.

7:04pm: Brighton kick us off.

7:07pm: Free kick for Brighton. Maupay‘s heels were clipped.

7:09pm: Trezeguet crossed it in for Drinkwater who hits it over the bar.

7:14pm: Good pressing from Villa. They scored but Grealish was offside.

7:16pm: Two free kicks consecutively for Brighton.

7:20pm: Free kick for Villa in a promising position. Grealish crosses it in.

7:21pm: Maupay is fouled. Terrible challenge by Targett.

7:24pm: BRIGHTON SUBSTITUTION: Connolly comes off for Montoya.

7:24pm: ASTION VILLA DOUBLE CHANGE: Trezeguet off for Vasillev. Drinkwater off for Luiz.

7:31pm: Free kick to Villa. Luiz shoots but Ryan catches it.

7:33pm: GOAL! Luiz crosses it in and Grealish shoots and it’s a powerful hit to beat Ryan.

7:38pm: Nakamba has a yellow. Lucky to not have gotten it earlier.

7:38pm: BRIGHTON DOUBLE CHANGE: Mooy off for Gross. Trossard off for Murray.

7:43pm: ASTON VILLA SUBSTITUTION: Nakamba off for Hourihane.

7:44pm: Free kick in a good position for Brighton.

7:44pm: Gross stands over it and crosses it in. Stephens heads in the second ball and Maupay tries to volley it but Reina saves it.

7:48pm: 4 minutes added time.

7:48pm: Webster gets a yellow card.

7:52pm: Brighton get a free kick after Hourihane takes down Propper. Yellow card for Hourihane. Yellow card for Maupay.

7:53pm: Gross takes the free kick but no one got a touch.

7:53pm: FULL-TIME: Villa earned the point and Grealish scored a wonderful goal. Brighton were disappointing. They were 1-0 up and they let it slip again. This could have dragged them into the relegation battle. I don’t know what happened to them in the second half, if they continued in the same manner as the first then, they wouldn’t have dropped points. Crucial game, 2 points could be the difference at the end of the season. They should’ve learned from their mistakes previously before this game. My man of the match however was still Maupay. He created space and set up the first goal, he created chances and could have had a goal himself. Good point for Villa, frustrating for Brighton.

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