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Premier League: Brighton & Hove Albion vs AFC Bournemouth

2:00pm: Teams to be announced at 2:30pm (GMT+3).

2:30pm: Teams:

Brighton: Ryan, Montoya, Dunk, Duffy, Burn, Mooy, Bissouma, Propper, Jahanbakhsh, Maupay, Trossard.

Bournemouth: Ramsdale, Stacey, Cook, Mepham, Rico, Stanislas, Gosling, Billing, Wilson, Solanke, King.

3:30pm: Brighton get us underway at the Amex.

3:31pm: Jahanbakhsh crossed it in and Trossard was close to getting on the end of it but in the end went out for a corner.

3:32pm: GOAL! Jahanbakhsh scored. All started from a Propper tackle and Maupay set it back for Jahanbakhsh who hit it first time and what a hit. Jahanbakhsh was in tears. Great goal for the club. What a start for Brighton. Fastest goal in the Premier League for Brighton.

3:35pm: Good pressure from the Albion.

3:36pm: Great save from Ryan. Lovely through ball to King.

3:38pm: Stacey dribbled through Brighton and passed it wide to Wilson who crossed it in. Over hit, potentially a missed opportunity.

3:40pm: Propper started the counterattack and passed it to Mooy who passed it to Maupay but he shot it over the bar.

3:41pm: Jahanbakhsh passed it to Mooy. He played it wide to Trossard who passed it Maupay. He shot again, not far away.

3:43pm: Billing fouled Propper.

3:44pm: Free kick in a promising position after a foul on Jahanbakhsh.

3:45pm: Cross was too close to the keeper.

3:47pm: Brighton patiently waiting for an opening.

3:50pm: Bournemouth slowly holding onto the ball in short periods.

3:51pm: Cook is yellow carded for a cynical foul on Maupay.

3:52pm: Jahanbakhsh fouled a Bournemouth player in a promising area.

3:53pm: Great defensive efforts from Bissouma with a header away and then he launched it out of play.

3:57pm: Jahanbakhsh is the having a great game. He’s tackling and he seems to be everywhere for the Albion.

3:59pm: Lovely ball over the top from Dunk to Jahanbakhsh. He passed it to Mooy who crossed it lowly into the box but it was blocked.

4:02pm: Great idea, Mooy passes it over the top and Maupay almost got there.

4:04pm: Duffy made a mistake but Burn saved Brighton as he blocked Wilson’s shot.

4:06pm: Great block from Dunk after King dribbles past Montoya.

4:08pm: Stanislas shoots but Ryan saves it. Bournemouth are slowly chipping away at Brighton’s defence.

4:12pm: Maupay got the ball over the top from Trossard and mishit the strike.

4:15pm: Nice move from Brighton. One minute added.

4:16pm: Half-time: Good first half for Brighton, bit nervous towards the end. Bournemouth were slow to start but just getting started before half time. They were slowly picking up pace and started to look threatening. Jahanbakhsh scored Brighton’s quickest ever goal in the Premier League and looked fiery. Bournemouth’s King is one to watch in the next half.

4:31pm: Bournemouth kick us off for the second half.

4:33pm: Composed start for Bournemouth.

4:35pm: Wilson fouled by Burn.

4:36pm: King fouls Duffy.

4:38pm: Maupay wins a foul after a Bournemouth player fouled him.

4:39pm: Great ball from Jahanbakhsh and Dunk almost got on it but good start from Brighton.

4:40pm: Free kick for Brighton after Gosling fouled Propper.

4:42pm: VAR Penalty check complete. Lewis Dunk made a great tackle.

4:43pm: Foul for Brighton.

4:44pm: GOAL! Burn scores! Turned and shot! What a goal!

4:45pm: VAR Check for offside. Burn’s shoulder is offside by the looks of it.

4:46pm: VAR Check complete. GOAL DISALLOWED.

4:47pm: DOUBLE CHANGE FOR BOURNEMOUTH. Fraser on for Harry Wilson. Calum Wilson is coming on Stanislas.

4:49pm: Mooy had a shot that was so close but it went wide.

4:49pm: Bissouma drives in and shoots but it hits the post. Jahanbakhsh shot but it went out for a corner.

4:51pm: Mooy shoots again. Brighton look tired but still the better side at the moment.

4:52pm: Hepham fouled by Maupay but it was accidental.

4:53pm: Yellow card for Billing. Free kick in a positive area.

4:58pm: BOURNEMOUTH SUBSTITUTION: Lewis Cook comes on for King.

5:01pm: Brighton patiently waiting for their goal.

5:02pm: VAR Check for Handball inside the area. Complete, no penalty.

5:03pm: Foul on Trossard.

5:04pm: GOAL!!! Mooy scores! Trossard crosses it in and Mooy takes it down and curls it in. What a finish! Man of the match for me. Brighton have deserved that. Great goal. 2-0 Brighton.

5:09pm: Lovely football for Brighton. Just simple but satisfying triangles.

5:10pm: BRIGHTON SUBSTITUTION: Jahanbakhsh off for Alzate. Mooy off for Stephens.

5:12pm: Great block by Duffy.

5:12pm: Great feet from Bissouma, unfortunately not got the final ball.

5:13pm: Great defending from Duffy.

5:14pm: BRIGHTON SUBSTITUTION: Bissouma off for Murray.

5:15pm: Brighton have a corner. Bournemouth are tiring. Brighton are playing wonderful football.

5:16pm: 3 minutes added time.

5:18pm: Again, nice play from Brighton. Glenn Murray had a shot saved.

5:18pm: Bournemouth have a freekick.

5:19pm: FULL-TIME: Good game for Brighton. First ever goal for the club from both scorers. A win what was exactly what Brighton needed. Bournemouth needed it too but Brighton came out the better side. Jahanbakhsh had a great game too and this could potentially be his turning point in a Brighton shirt for the better. Aaron Mooy is my man of the match. He created space and he scored a great goal.

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