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Premier League: Aston Villa vs Brighton & Hove Albion

Teams to be announced at 2pm.

TEAMS: Brighton: Ryan, Montoya, Dunk, Webster, Burn, Groß, Stephens, Pröpper, Mooy, Maupay, Connolly. Villa: Heaton, Guilbert, Engels, Mings, Targett, Nakamba, Hourihane, McGinn, Grealish, El Ghazi, Wesley.

3:02pm: Corner for the Albion. Comes to nothing as a foul on Villa player.

3:07pm: Good bit of possession for Villa. Few chances which Ryan saved and defenders still had to scramble away from goal. Goals at Tottenham for Watford’s Doucoure.

3:09pm: Good chance for Brighton but ball just had too much on it and Mooy couldn’t control it. Lovely drive forward from Montoya.

3:10pm: Good passage of play from Brighton. Brighton are showing their class in the simplicity of recycling possession and small triangles. Great chance for Connolly but didn’t get his feet right and sent it over the bar.

3:12pm: Villa’s El Ghazi fouled in good position for them. Cross meets first defender and Brighton are away on the counter, thief chance behind for a corner.

3:14pm: Pröpper sends it into the stands on the volley after the corner deflected off of a defender. 3:16pm: Bright start so far and lovely football from Brighton.

3:19pm: Hourihane got a yellow card. Promising position for the Albion. 3:20pm: GOAL!!! Adam Webster’s first goal for the Albion crafted in a lovely move. A nice cross to the back post from Groß and Webster’s left unmarked and heads it in.1-0 to Brighton.

3:22pm: Free kick for Aston Villa. Good save from Ryan, who saved it at his right hand post.

3:25pm: Lovely move from Villa. Good defending from Pröpper. Brighton head straight down the other end. Maupay shoots but is denied by Heaton. 3:27pm: Corner for Albion after Groß runs the defender down and incept. Another corner after Villa’s Mings heads it over. 3:28pm: Great defending from Webster after the counterattack from Villa after Brighton’s corner. He runs and keeps up with Wesley and tackled him.

3:29pm: Mooy gets a Yellow.

3:31pm: Connolly shoots and hits the keeper. Turns out it was offside.

3:33pm: Maupay heads it wide after good build up play from Brighton.

3:35pm: Double Yellow for Mooy. Red card for Mooy. Brighton down to 10.

3:38pm: Good passage of play for Villa after Mooy’s red which was no doubt a red - clumsy foul on Grealish, he let his frustration take over.

3:42pm: GOAL! Hourihane scores. 3:43pm: CORRECTION: NO GOAL. Foul on Ryan.

3:45pm: Corner for Brighton after Maupassant shot is saved and Pröpper’s shot sent wide after a deflection. 3:46pm: GOAL! Villa’s Grealish has scored. 1-1. HALFTIME: Brighton completely in control until Mooy’s red. Completely changed the game.

4:04pm: BRIGHTON SUB: March on for Connolly.

4:08pm: Good play for Brighton but didn’t have a opening to shoot but good play. Aston Villa now on the counter.

4:10pm: March had a shot from about 25 yards out but just past the post. 4:11pm: Great chance for Villa. Great save from Ryan. El Ghazi just shot over the bar.

4:12pm: Great shot from Groß who had options who chose to shot and was saved at the near post. 4:13pm: Montoya has been booked for pulling on a Villa players shirt. 4:14pm: Good play again for Brighton where the low cross came to nothing. Gareth Southgate is in the stands potentially watching Dunk, Grealish and Mings.

4:16pm: Groß passed to Montoya, who then played a lovely ball to Maupay in the middle but he curled it wide. 4:17pm: Good play from Villa. 4:20pm: Good chance for Brighton as March is played a lovely through ball and then he put it down the middle but unfortunately just behind Maupay.

4:21pm: Groß drives forward and passes it to March who’s in the middle and he shoots but not enough power and is stopped before reaching the goal.

4:22pm: Maupay drives forward but shoots too high.

4:22pm: VILLA SUB: Hourihane off for Trezeguet.

4:23pm: Lovely passage of play for Brighton, making triangles. Villa intercept and then dance down the other end and they shoot too high. 4:26pm: Groß passes to Montoya and he shoots straight at the keeper. Best chance of the second half. 4:27pm: Good chance for Brighton as March plays it wide to Burn who plays it to Maupay who passed it to Montoya who passes it to Stephens who just runs into a wall of Villa players. Burn shot in the aftermath but it deflected and was caught by Heaton. 4:29pm: BRIGHTON SUB: Duffy on for Montoya.

4:30pm: Missed chance for Villa. Free kick for Brighton now in a good position. Duffy almost connected with the cross but it was too high. Chelsea are 1-0 up. Leicester are 2-1 up. 4:33pm: Good build up play from Villa and good recycling of play. Cramps for Wesley when the ball went out with 17 minutes left which Ryan is helping with. 4:34pm: VILLA SUB: Luiz on for El Ghazi and Davis on for Wesley.

4:37pm: Groß’ interceptions have been key in Brighton holding onto play. Brighton passing it to try to sustain a period of possession which is intercepted by Villa. 4:39pm: Calls for handball inside the stadium after Duffy blocked it but was waved off by VAR which showed it hit his shoulder.

4:40pm: BRIGHTON SUB: Alzate on for Maupay. 4:41pm: Lovely ball to Stephens but too much on it. Alzate defended and is helping Brighton retain possession.

4:44pm: Pröpper brings down Grealish on the edge of the box. Promising place for a free kick. Targett shoots but is off target.

4:46pm: March booked for stopping Villa for taking a free kick. Good interception from Stephens on the edge of the area. Luiz shoots but it’s wide.

4:49pm: March plays a lovely ball to Alzate who slips and Villa are on the counter with Dunk heading it to March who draws a foul and earns a Brighton some breathing room. 4:50pm: Good pressing from Villa but Ryan saves the shot. 4 added minutes.

4:52pm: Good tackle from Pröpper to regain possession but then fouls a player later.

4:53pm: Ryan denies Davis. What a shot. One minute left. 4:54pm: GOAL!!! Targett scores. Villa 2-1.

FULL TIME: Good game, very exciting for neutrals. Brighton lost an important point. Villa played a good game and secured three points. My Brighton man of the match is Webster because of his goal, work ethic and he made some important tackles. Aston Villa‘s man of the match was Jack Grealish. His ethic off the ball was key in making space and chances. His goal was a good finish and he created the second one.

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