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Premier League: Aston Villa FC vs Wolverhampton Wanderers FC

12:00pm: Teams to be announced at 1:30pm (GMT+2).

1:30pm: TEAMS: Aston Villa: Nyland, Konsa, Mings, Hause, Targett, Nakamba, Luiz, Hourihane, Grealish, Davis, Samatta. Wolverhampton Wanderers FC: Patricio, Boly, Coady, Saiss, Doherty, Jonny, Dendoncker, Moutinho, Neves, Jimenez, Jota.

2:33pm: Villa get us underway at Villa Park.

2:36pm: Jonny fouls Konsa.

2:37pm: Targett is on the floor and appears to have injured his hamstring.

2:39pm: He looks like he is going to continue.

2:40pm: Jonny fouls Grealish.

2:41pm: The free kick is put in the box and Hause heads it towards goal.

2:43pm: ASTON VILLA FC SUBSTITUTION: Targett is done and is coming off for Taylor.

2:45pm: Davis is fouled by Neves.

2:45pm: Grealish crosses the ball in but it’s too high.

2:46pm: Grealish wins Villa their first corner after driving towards the byline.

2:46pm: Hourihane crosses it in and Hause heads it towards goal. Wolves then are on a counter which fizzles out after a good run from Jimenez.

2:48pm: Jonny is fouled by Hourihane.

2:50pm: Mings receives a yellow card after a foul on Jota.

2:51pm: It’s a promising position for the free kick. Moutinho puts the ball in and Jimenez heads it towards goal and Nyland spills it but regains control. Best chance of the game so far.

2:54pm: Konsa crosses it to Davis but he couldn’t direct it towards the goal.

2:55pm: Doherty has a shot after his through ball is deflected, he runs onto his own ball and hits the side netting.

2:59pm: Teasing ball across the face of the goal from Jota and no one could get on to it.

3:00pm: Nakamba fouled.

3:03pm: Moutinho put the ball over the top for Jonny and Jonny was pushed off the ball But good link up play.

3:04pm: Grealish is fouled.

3:05pm: The free kick is crossed it and Hause tries to get on it but is reprimanded for pushing a Wolves player.

3:06pm: Coady plays a wonderful ball to Dendoncker but his touch allows Villa to clear it.

3:08pm: Saiss is fouled by Davis.

3:12pm: Jimenez has a shot but it dragged wide after some good build-up play.

3:15pm: Nyland threw the ball but it was didn’t go where he intended it to and Jota went to punish Nyland for his mistake but he he hit it too hard and too high.

3:17pm: Nakamba is fouled by Boly.

3:18pm: 4 added minutes.

3:20pm: Jota is fouled.

3:22pm: HALF-TIME: It’s been a pretty even game with neither side creating too much, Wolves started to get better in the last 10 minutes with creativity. The best chance of the game came from a mistake by Nyland and Jota used too much power on his shot.

3:39pm: Second half is underway at Villa Park.

3:42pm: Villa‘s corner is whipped in and no one gets anything on it.

4:43pm: Boly fouls Davis.

3:43pm: Hourihane crosses it in and Patricio parries it away and Doherty deals with it well.

3:45pm: Grealish is fouled.

3:50pm: Steady period for Wolves.

3:54pm: WOLVERHAMPTON WANDERERS FC SUBSTITUTION: Traore is coming on for Jota.

3:54pm: ASTON VILLA FC SUBSTITUTIONS: Hourihane and Konsa come off for McGinn and Elmohamady.

3:55pm: GOAL! Dendoncker shots and drags it across goal with his left foot. Beautiful shot. 1-0 Wolves. Dendoncker deserves the goal.

4:00pm: Corner swung in and hits Dendoncker and goes wide.

4:04pm: Great ball from Coady to Dendoncker. He clips it over to Jimenez but he stops his run too early.

4:07pm: Free kick to Villa. Grealish’s ball in and Hause heads it wide.

4:08pm: Traore fouls Mings.

4:11pm: Villa have had a period of possession and started to look a bit more threatening but still not a lot of creativity.

4:13pm: Dendoncker has a shot and Mings blocks it well.

4:15pm: Boly fouls Davis.

4:15pm: ASTON VILLA FC SUBSTITUTIONS: El Ghazi and Trezeguet comes on for Davis and Nakamba.

4:16pm: Trezeguet gets on the end of the free kick but it’s wide.

4:17pm: El Ghazi crosses it in and it goes through the box but good move from Villa.

4:19pm: WOLVERHAMPTON WANDERERS FC SUBSTITUTION: Jimenez comes off for Neto.

4:20pm: Traore is fouled by Luiz.

4:23pm: El Ghazi fouls Moutinho.

4:24pm: Neto is fouled by Hause.

4:24pm: 5 added minutes.

4:27pm: Yellow card for Neves for time wasting after not taking the free kick quick enough.

4:28pm: Mings is fouled.

4:28pm: Traore gives away a free kick.

4:29pm: Free kick is taken and offside is given.

4:29pm: FULL-TIME: Wolves had a good game and Villa were quite quiet today. Wolves did well and controlled the game well. When Traore came on, the creativity increased from both sides. Traore came on and had a great impact with his involvement in Dendoncker’s goal. Dendoncker had been good throughout the game for Wolves and he scored the winner. Dendoncker is my man of the match as he was making good runs and creating space for other players throughout the whole game. His goal was well taken and he definitely deserved it.

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