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La Liga: Barcelona vs Getafe CF

4:40pm: Teams to be announced at 5pm (GMT+3).

5:00pm: Teams:

Barcelona: Ter Stegen, Pique, Busquets, Arthur, Messi, Griezmann, Jordi Alba, Roberto, De Jong, Umtiti, Ansu Fati.

Getafe CF: Soria, Nyom, Djene, Etxeita, Olivera, Etebo, Arambarri, Maksimovic, Cucurella, Molina, Mata.

6:03pm: Barcelona kick us off at Camp Nou.

6:03pm: Olivera earns a foul for Getafe after a foul by de Jong.

6:05pm: Cucurella battled with Roberto but fouls Roberto in the process.

6:07pm: Molina tries to lay it off to Cucurella but it’s cut out by Umtiti.

6:08pm: Messi is fouled by Djene.

6:09pm: This free kick allows Barca to have more of the ball but Getafe win it back quickly.

6:10pm: Pique has a clash and comes off worse. He’s limping a bit but stays on the field.

6:14pm: Battling period of play, Getafe have been making tactical fouls to break up Barca’s rhythm.

6:15pm: Ball over the top and Messi brings it down but his chip is saved by Soria.

6:17pm: Ansu Fati’s footwork was lovely but he’s fouled and is given a free kick. Ir’s put in the box but it’s cleared. Jordi Alba seems to be limping now as well.

6:18pm: Cucurella crosses but Roberto intercepts.

6:23pm: BARCELONA SUBSTITUTION: Alba is forced off and Junior Firpo comes on.

6:24pm: The ball’s given away by Busquets and Molina is through but Umtiti works back and Molina’s shot is deflected for a corner.

6:25pm: GOAL! Corner comes in and Molina heads it in and Ter Stegen saves it but Nyom hits it in on the rebound. It looks like it may be disallowed as Umtiti is taken out.

6:27pm: CORRECTION: NO GOAL. Nyom appears to elbow Umtiti in the face and the goal is disallowed.

6:28pm: Cucurella‘s shot goes wide after a through ball to Mata who pulled it back for Cucurella.

6:31pm: Nyom gives away a foul.

6:33pm: Barcalona are playing a patient game and building slowly.

6:36pm: GOAL! Fati plays it inside to Messi who plays a beautifully weighted pass to Griezmann. It‘s a lovely finish over the keeper. 1-0 Barcelona.

6:39pm: Etebo wins a free kick after Fati tries to win back the ball but fouls him in the process.

6:41pm: GOAL! Lovely team move. Arthur plays it to Firpo. He then plays it across the box and Roberto arrives at the back post to score. 2-0 to Barcelona.

6:44pm: Messi earns a free kick in a promising area.

6:45pm: Messi stands over the ball. He steps up but His attempt goes wide.

6:47pm: Umtiti fouls Molina.

6:47pm: Cucurella swings it in but it bounces out.

6:48pm: 4 minutes added.

6:49pm: Busquets is fouled.

6:50pm: Foul again by Getafe.

6:51pm: Soria makes an excellent save. Messi heads a ball over the top but Soria saves it with his left hand.

6:52pm: HALF-TIME: Good first half from Barcelona. The beginning was difficult for them as Getafe were tactically breaking up play and they had a goal disallowed. Getafe have been clever with tactics and have pressed Barca relentlessly. Since the disallowed goal for Getafe, Barca have been the better side. Barcelona played classy attacking football and their patience paid off. Griezmann and Roberto with wonderful finishes meaning that Barcelona lead 2-0 at the break.

7:07pm: Getafe kick us off for the second half.

7:08pm: Foul on Messi.

7:10pm: Umtiti fouls Mata and gets a yellow card. Free kick in a promising position for Getafe.

7:11pm: Arambarri is over the free kick but his shot goes over.

7:13pm: GETAFE SUBSTITUTIONS: Molina comes off Rodriguez and Olivera comes off for Kenedy.

7:16pm: Free kick for Getafe.

7:16pm: Arambarri plays it short to Cucurella but Barca win it back.

7:21pm: Barca playing patiently again.

7:22pm: Messi earns a free kick.

7:27pm: Cucurella wins a free kick.

7:28pm: GOAL! Rodriguez scores a wonderful volley out of nowhere. What a great goal, beautiful finish.

7:29pm: GETAFE SUBSTITUTION: Etebo comes off for Ndiaye.

7:31pm: Ansu Fati has shot saved by Soria and earns Barca a corner.

7:33pm: Free kick after a foul on Etxeita.

7:34pm: Ter Stegen makes an excellent save! How is it not equal?! The free kick came in and it was bundled in but Ter Stegen makes a wonderful save.

7:36pm: BARCELONA SUBSTITUTION: Rakitic comes on for Arthur.

7:38pm: Red card for Getafe team member.

7:42pm: Yellow card for Firpo. Free kick in a promising position.

7:44pm: The ball is chipped over and Griezmann fails to deal with it. Barca win the ball back and Griezmann battles and earns a free kick to relieve pressure.

7:46pm: BARCELONA SUBSTITUTION: Fati comes off for Vidal. Fati earns a yellow card for time wasting.

7:50pm: Yellow card for Kenedy.

7:51pm: Messi tries to curl it but it goes wide.

7:52pm: 3 minutes added.

7:55pm: FULL-TIME: Good game for Barcelona, Getafe made it difficult for them. Getafe had a good game but they didn’t take their chances. Barcelona were patient and attacked well. Getafe fought back to almost get a point but some good attacking football from Barca. My man of the match is Roberto. He had a wonderful goal but he defended as well as he attacked.

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