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La Liga: Athletic Club Bilbao vs Atletico Madrid

1:40pm: Teams to be announced at 2:00pm (GMT+2).

2:10pm: TEAMS: Athletic Club Bilbao: Simon, Capa, Alvarez, Martinez, Berchiche, D. Garcia, Lopez, Muniain, Williams, R. Garcia, Cordoba. Atletico Madrid: Oblak, Trippier, Gimenez, Savic, Lodi, Koke, Llorente, Thomas, Saul, Costa, Carrasco.

3:03pm: Atletico Madrid get us underway at San Mames.

3:05pm: Free kick after Lodi fouls R. Garcia.

3:06pm: Lopez takes the free kick and it was cleared.

3:07pm: R.Garcia fouls Lodi.

3:08pm: Good ball to Trippier from Carrasco and Trippier cuts in back.

3:09pm: Thomas fouled by Muniain and he receives a yellow card.

3:10pm: Koke crosses the free kick in and Gimenez gets his head on it but it’s wide.

3:13pm: Corner for Atletico.

3:14pm: Two consecutive corners and the second one is cleared.

3:15pm: Carrasco has a shot but it’s wide. Llorente plays it too Carrasco after a mistake by Athletic’s defence.

3:17pm: Lopez was fouled.

3:22pm: Athletic have a free kick.

3:22pm: The ball is put in and it’s cleared for corner.

3:23pm: The ball is dragged back to Berchiche and his shot is cleared.

3:25pm: Carrasco has a shot deflected.

3:25pm: The corner is taken short and it’s cleared by Athletic.

3:27pm: Muniain plays it wide to Capa who crosses it in and Williams heads it in but it was czaught by Oblak.

3:28pm: Williams has a shot on the edge of the box and it’s blocked.

3:30pm: Muniain plays a promising through ball to Williams and Gimenez blocks William’s low cross.

3:31pm: Corner was taken short and it’s come to nothing for Athletic after it’s put out for a goal kick off Capa by Costa.

3:35pm: Capa’s cross in was attacked and it went out for a corner.

3:36pm: Muniain crosses it in after the corner taken short. Lopez heads it on target and Oblak makes a beautiful save.

3:39pm: GOAL! Muniain scores a wonderfully worked goal. Berchiche drags it back to Muniain and he shoots. 1-0 Athletic and a well deserved lead.

3:41pm: GOAL! Costa scores the equaliser. Koke plays it to Costa and he scores empathetically. 1-1.

3:45pm: Llorente plays it to Carrasco and his shot is deflected.

3:48pm: 2 minutes added time.

3:49pm: Williams receives a yellow card after a foul on Lodi.

3:50pm: FULL-TIME: Bilbao had a good first half but Atletico were clinical. Bilbao were dominate and they deserved their goal. They played some good football and the link up between R. Garcia and Muniain worked well for them. Atletico took their chance and they were struggling to deal with Muniain. They couldn’t hold the ball but they equalised decisively.

4:07pm: Bilbao get us underway for the second half.

4:07pm: Early corner for Athletic.

4:07pm: It’s crossed in and Martinez gets his head on the ball and its up in the air. Atletico clear it.

4:09pm: R.Garcia fouls Gimenez.

4:11pm: Trippier throws it to Koke and he crosses it to Costa but there’s a collision of heads and a foul is given against Costa.

4:12pm: Trippier plays it to Koke and Lopez clears the low cross.

4:13pm: Koke crosses in the corner and Costa heads it wide.

4:15pm: Williams cross is collected by Oblak.

4:16pm: Llorente plays it to Lodi but his cross is blocked.

4:19pm: Simon collects the cross. Atleti have been playing patient build up play.

4:20pm: R.Garcia collects the ball and shoots but it’s a bit wild.

4:21pm: Good movement from Williams.

4:22pm: Berchiche has a shot and it hits the side netting.

4:22pm: ATHLETIC CLUB BILBAO SUBSTITUTIONS: Cordoba comes off for Sancet and Lopez comes off for Vesga.

4:22pm: ATLETICO MADRID SUBSTITUTIONS: Morata comes on for Costa. Lemar comes on for Carrasco. Trippier comes off for Arias.

4:27pm: Great tackle from Savic to stop Bilbao’s counter attack.

4:29pm: ATLETICO MADRID SUBSTITUTION: Correa comes on for Llorente.

4:31pm: Muniain crosses in the corner and it’s cleared. It‘s floated back into the area and Oblak collects the ball.

4:35pm: Free kick for Atletico.

4:37pm: Lemar shoots straight into the wall.

4:39pm: Lemar is fouled by Vesga.

4:40pm: ATLETICO MADRID SUBSTITUTION: Koke comes off for Herrera.

4:40pm: Correa played it and it’s crossed and it’s parried by Simon. Arias has a shot on the rebound but Simon saves it again. Brilliant goalkeeping.

4:43pm: ATHLETIC CLUB BILBAO SUBSTITUTIONS: Berchiche comes off for Nunez. De Marcos comes on for Muniain.

4:45pm: Martinez receives a yellow card.

4:46pm: Lemar takes the free kick and it’s close to finding 3 Atletico players’ heads but it’s then Thomas who has a shot but it’s cleared.

4:47pm: Corner for Bilbao.

4:48pm: Sancet puts it in low but it’s cleared by the player at the front post.

4:51pm: Vesga fouled.

4:51pm: Williams is offside.

4:51pm: 5 minutes added time.

4:52pm: Free kick for Athletic Club.

4:52pm: ATHLETIC CLUB BILBAO SUBSTITUTIONS: Williams comes off for Kodro.

4:52pm: Korda puts the ball in and it’s headed over the bar.

4:53pm: Correa has a shot wide.

4:54pm: Handball given against Sancet.

4:55pm: Yellow card for the Bilbao’s manager Garitano.

4:55pm: D. Garcia clears the cross.

4:56pm: Correa crosses the ball in and it’s a poor cross.

4:57pm: FULL-TIME: That was a well deserved point for both teams. The game was end to end and both teams fought well. Llorente and Koke had a good game for Atletico and they played off of each other and it worked wonderfully. Muniain and Williams were brilliant and linked up well. Muniain is my man of the match because he picked apart Atletico’s defence and created lots of chances and scored his team’s goal.

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