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FAWSL: Manchester City vs Brighton & Hove Albion

12:00pm: Teams to be announced at 1:00pm.

1:00pm: TEAMS: Manchester City: Roebuck, Bonner, Houghton, Coombs, Kelly, Stanway, White, Bronze, Lewis, Walsh, Greenwood. Brighton & Hove Albion: Walsh, Le Tissier, Stott, Kerkdijk, Williams, Connolly, Bowman, Kaagman, Whelan, Jarrett, Green.

2:00pm: Manchester City get us underway.

2:01pm: Greenwood provides a cross and it's cleared for a corner.

2:02pm: Another corner after the first one hits the player at the front post. Better delivery on the next cross but it's headed away by Brighton.

2:02pm: White earns a free kick in a promising area.

2:04pm: Houghton and Greenwood stand over the free kick. Houghton shoots low and Walsh does excellently and turns it away.

2:05pm: The corner goes in and it's threatening with the box being densely populated but it's cleared again. Brighton are struggling to get on the ball in the first 5 minutes.

2:06pm: Given away by Connolly. Coomb plays it to Stanway and she misses the target by margins.

2:07pm: Stanway runs on to the ball that's come from over the top and she's looking for White but Walsh collects the ball.

2:08pm: A chance for Bowman and she shoots but it's wide.

2:09pm: Kaagman gives away a foul.

2:11pm: Kaagman plays it over the top and Bonner clears it.

2:12pm: Brighton are pressing well and finding their feet slowly. Williams crosses it in but it goes out for a City throw in.

2:13pm: Greenwood crosses it in, White gets a touch but Stott deals with it and clears it.

2:14pm: Greenwood is fouled by Whelan and they both went down but now they're both okay.

2:16pm: Jarrett almost got on the end of a mistake but Roebuck does well.

2:20pm: Bowman does well to earn the ball and plays it to Jarrett but it's intercepted. Whelan has done well to earns the ball back again and crosses it in and City looked a bit shaky but dealt with it well and calmed down the situation. Green seeking medical attention.

2:23pm: Connolly does well to intercept and plays it to Whelan. She crosses it in and it's headed out to Williams who heads it back in and Bronze calms the situation down again.

2:24pm: Teasing cross from Kelly and White couldn't get on the end of it.

2:24pm: Free kick to City. It's drifted in but it's dealt with well by Brighton.

2:26pm: Walsh miskicks and it leads to all sorts of problems for Brighton. Quick play from Man City. Mewis with the shot but Williams does excellently to guide it back to her keeper.

2:30pm: Stanway has a cross put in but there's too much on it.

2:31pm: Excellent defending from Kerkdijk after Stott made a mistake and Mewis was through but she blocked the pass.

2:32pm: Great save from Walsh after Kelly goes through and has a shot.

2:34pm: Walsh does excellently to stop the ball from crossing the line after a mistake.

2:35pm: White misses again! How have City not scored?!

2:36pm: Great defending again by Brighton to clear the corner.

2:38pm: Bowman fouls Mewis. She receives a yellow.

2:39pm: Greenwood crosses the free kick in and it's flicked on but Walsh does well to collect it.

2:39pm: City earn another free kick inside their own half.

2:41pm: Walsh makes another excellent save. Excellent pass from Bronze to Stanway and Walsh saves it again!

2:45pm: Houghton heads the ball down to Bowman and she drags it wide.

2:45pm: 2 added minutes.

2:45pm: Foul on White.

2:46pm: Stanway tries to get on the end of the long ball and Walsh collects it.

2:47pm: Half-Time: Great first half from both sides. Manchester City created a lot of chances but Walsh was excellent to keep them at bay. Manchester City have been excellent creatively but looked slightly shaky when Brighton were pressing them high up the field and it caused a few mishaps for City. Bowman was leading the attack for Brighton and she's been amazing for the away team defending and attacking.

3:04pm: Brighton get us underway for the second half.

3:07pm: Good build up play from Brighton and Bowman's final ball was too close to Roebuck.

3:08pm: Great chance for White but it's wide again.

3:10pm: Stanway has a shot but it's blasted over.

3:11pm: BRIGHTON & HOVE ALBION SUBSTITUTION: O' Sullivan comes on for Connolly.

3:12pm: Free kick given to City. Greenwood crosses it in and Houghton volleys it but it hits the side netting.

3:13pm: Roebuck almost spilled the shot from Le Tissier.

3:16pm: Whelan crosses it in and Greenwood was in the way and Brighton get a corner.

3:17pm: White misses the header the first time. It's crossed in again and White heads it wide.

3:21pm: MANCHESTER CITY SUBSTITUTION: White comes off for Beckie.

3:26pm: BRIGHTON & HOVE ALBION SUBSTITUTION: Kaagmann comes off for Heroum.

3:30pm: City are creating chances but not able to execute them. Brighton are looking really solid defensively.

3:31pm: Williams gives away a foul.

3:32pm: Jarrett was through but Houghton does well to blocks the final shot.

3:33pm: The ball goes across the box but Williams does excellently to put it out.

3:34pm: The corner goes in and Walsh catches the ball.

3:34pm: Foul for Brighton.

3:35pm: MANCHESTER CITY SUBSTITUTIONS: Coombs and Mewis come off for Weir and Mewis.

3:36pm: BRIGHTON & HOVE ALBION SUBSTITUTION: Williams comes off for Simpkins.

3:37pm: Kelly cuts inside but Walsh parries it away and it's cleared.

3:38pm: Roebuck makes a mistake and Brighton almost take full advantage of it.

3:42pm: Le Tissier's flick on was good. Jarrett does well to hold t up and plays it to O'Sullivan and she's fouled in a promising position.

3:43pm: Bowman's free kick is just wide.

3:46pm: Greenwood puts in a good cross and Green does well to clear it.

3:47pm: Greenwood crosses it in and it's cleared again for a goal kick.

3:48pm: O'Sullivan is denied by Roebuck.

3:49pm: 6 minutes added.

3:50pm: Stanway has a shot but it goes wide.

3:52pm: Both teams still fighting.

3:55pm: FULL-TIME: 0-0. Brighton behaved admirably and took Manchester City to a draw. Manchester City created lots of chances but could not seem to break Brighton's defence or goalkeeper. Manchester City played excellently and Greenwood and Bronze had a wonderful debut. Brighton's defence was solid and they were difficult to break down. Meg Walsh was my player of the match. Her efforts were heroic and she helped Brighton cling onto this draw with her amazing stops.

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