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FAWSL: Brighton & Hove Albion vs Liverpool

1:30pm: Teams to be announced at 4pm (GMT+3). 4:00pm: Teams:

Brighton: Walsh, Barton, Kerkdijk, Le Tissier, Gibbons, Simpkins, Bowman, Le Garrec, Natkiel, Green, Whelan.

Liverpool: Kitching, Jane, Bradley-Auckland, Fahey, Robe, Bailey, Furness, Lawley, Linnett, Charles, Babajide.

5:00pm: Brighton kick us off!

5:16pm: Walsh saves! Liverpool were through on goal but Walsh saves it.

5:17pm: Babajide crosses but Linnett is too far back. Good chance.

5:20pm: First corner for Liverpool. Bailey crosses it in and Babajide gets her head on it but it goes over the bar.

5:22pm: Great chance for Gibbons.

5:22pm: Babajide went around Walsh but her shot goes wide. Should’ve scored.

5:26pm: Green goes down with an injury concern.

5:30pm: Lawley’s cross comes in and Barton had to head it away. Corner for Liverpool.

5:31pm: Bailey’s deep cross is gotten rid of.

5:32pm: Bowman tries to pass over the top and Furness knocks it away.

5:33pm: Free kick after a foul on Simpkins.

5:33pm: Gibbon’s cross goes out for a corner after a deflection off of Charles.

5:34pm: GOAL! Great cross and Aileen Whelan has scored! She shoots after Simpkins header and what a goal!

5:35pm: Liverpool restarts. Injury concern for Liverpool, Jane is struggling.

5:36pm: Jane’s back on the field.

5:38pm: Brighton are on top. They’ve been dominate in possession and they are applying good pressure.

5:39pm: Bradley-Auckland clears Whelan’s ball to Le Garrec.

5:41pm: Le Garrec was given offside after wonderful build up play.

5:42pm: Natkiel is fouled and free kick goes Brighton’s way.

5:42pm: Jane has a loose touch and Natkiel crosses it but no one was there for the Brighton attack.

5:43pm: Simpkins crosses it in and appears to be a good source of Brighton’s creativity and Barton collects the cross and shoots but Furness turns it away for a corner.

5:44pm: Liverpool are trying to build up from the back and Brighton are pressing them well.

5:46pm: Fahey looks for Babajide but Kerdijk make sure it’s goes out for a corner.

5:46pm: Brighton’s press is forcing errors of the Liverpool defence.

5:47pm: Free kick for Liverpool. Jane delivers and Barton clears it out.

5:48pm: 3 minutes added.

5:48pm: Le Garrec finds Natkiel and Green chases it. Back to Le Garrec who’s gone for goal.

5:49pm: Le Garrec finds Natkiel who crosses it but it is deflected out.

5:50pm: HALF-TIME: Brighton have had a good first half and this has been an interesting battle between two good sides. Brighton have been clinical with their chances and their goal makes Babajide’s miss even more important.

6:06pm: Liverpool kick us off.

6:07pm: LIVERPOOL SUBSTITUTION: Roberts comes on for Linnett.

6:09pm: Liverpool have a corner. Le Tissier clears.

6:10pm: Babajide got the ball after it bounced around in the area and had a shot but it went over the bar.

6:11pm: Furness hit the ball into the ground and it went wide.

6:12pm: Nice turn from Charles and Babajide then crosses it but Le Garrec clears.

6:13pm: Babajide is denied by Walsh again. She got off her line quickly to smother her shot.

6:16pm: Yellow card for Kerkdijk. Free kick to Liverpool.

6:18pm: Babajide went for goal but it goes wide and goes out for a throw.

6:20pm: Babajide is causing Brighton lots of problems at the moment.

6:21pm: Gibbons is down because of an injury.

6:22pm: Brighton are now struggling to get on the ball. Liverpool playing some wonderful football.

6:23pm: Whelan has a head injury but was quickly back on her feet after treatment.

6:26pm: Babajide gets another shot away but Walsh catches it firmly in her midriff.

6:28pm: Corner for Liverpool and it’s cleared by Brighton’s defence.

6:28pm: Liverpool have won a free kick on the edge of the penalty area.

6:29pm: Bailey and Lawley stand over it. Bailey‘s shot was deflected and it was cleared again by Brighton.

6:31pm: Simpkins has a head injury.

6:33pm: BRIGHTON SUBSTITUTION: Le Garrec comes off for Connolly.

6:34pm: Green earns a yellow card.

6:35pm: Another free kick on the edge of the area for Liverpool.

6:35pm: Furness shoots but it goes wide.

6:39pm: Whelan crosses in and it was a good idea but it had too much on it.

6:40pm: Connolly had a shot but it chipped over the goal.

6:42pm: Fahey gets Yellow card.

6:43pm: BRIGHTON SUBSTITUTION: Natkiel comes off for Umotong.

6:45pm: The FA Player is experiencing technical difficulties.

6:49pm: Fahey was caught offside. She scored but it won’t count.

6:51pm: 5 minutes added time.

6:54pm: Liverpool have dominated the second half but Brighton’s defence has been great.

6:55pm: Free kick for Brighton after a foul on Umotong. Robe gets a yellow card.

6:56pm: FULL-TIME: Brighton win 1-0. It was slightly shaky in the second half for Brighton’s defence but they got the result. My woman of the match is Simpkins, she had a great game. She was the centre of Brighton’s creativity and she linked up with Le Garrec well and she assisted Whelan‘s goal.

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