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FAWSL: Brighton & Hove Albion vs Birmingham City

Teams to be announced at 4pm (GMT+3).

Brighton: Walsh, Barton, F. Whelan, Le Tissier, Gibbons, Simpkins, Bowman, Le Garrec, Brazil, Green, A.Whelan.

Birmingham: Hampton, Scott, Arthur, Holloway, Jordan, Whipp, Visalli, Scofield, Grant, Gregory, Walker.

5:04pm: Birmingham City kick us off. Happy birthday to Hannah Hampton who turned 19 yesterday.

5:05pm: Quick start for Brighton. Le Garrec started the play. 5:07pm: Birmingham trying to calm play down and they’ve been passing it among themselves. 5:07pm: Free kick given to Brighton. 5:08pm: Birmingham are being pressured, Gibbons tackles and sends Aileen Whelan on the counter. 5:10pm: First corner of the game to Birmingham. She played it short but was just forced out of space and to a Brighton goal kick. 5:11pm: Free kick after a foul on Maya Le Tissier. 5:12pm: Good play. Arthur passes a through ball to Grant who earns a corner. 5:14pm: PENALTY!! Scott fouls Ellie Brazil who looks disgruntled. She‘s clutching her right knee. She’s stood up which is good news for the 20 year old.

5:19pm: GOAL!!! Kayleigh Green converts in a excellent penalty. She thrashes it into the top of the net. 5:20pm: Le Garrec almost finds Green. From the Brighton throw in, Simpkins shoots over the bar. 5:23pm: SUBSTITUTION: Brazil off for Lundorf. 5:25pm: Le Garrec shoots from far out but it’s wide. 5:26pm: Brighton’s first corner. It’s over hit and goes out for a goal kick.

5:31pm: Kayleigh Green comes close again for Brighton but Hampton makes a save.

5:32pm: Birmingham have a chance but she shoots it wide.

5:34pm: Lundorf shoots from far out which has been common from Brighton after going 1-0 up but it goes wide. 5:37pm: Grant got behind the Brighton defenders but the ball bounces and Brighton are able to get there and get it away. 5:39pm: Almost a goal!!! Fliss Gibbons shot and Hampton saves it and it goes in but it was disallowed for offside.

5:41pm: Free kick for Brighton. Le Garrec’s cross goes into Hampton’s hands. 5:43pm: Good passages of play for both sides. Birmingham chipped away at Brighton‘s defence but Green tackles a Birmingham player and starts the counter. 5:47pm: GOAL!!! Le Garrec shoots from distance and it goes in off the bar!! What a goal. A very exciting player to watch.

5:49pm: 4 minutes added time. 5:54pm: Half-time: What a half for Brighton. Unfortunate that Brazil is injured and we’ll brung you updates as soon as we receive them. Great finish from Green and Le Garrec. What an exciting half. 6:10pm: Brighton get us underway for the second half.

6:12pm: Quick start for Brighton. Lots of pressure on the defence until Birmingham earn a foul.

6:14pm: Good attacking play from Birmingham who now have a corner. 6:17pm: Brighton have been good on the counter. 6:22pm: Promising move from Birmingham. Visalli played a through pass to Gregory who now is on the ground looking to be suffering from cramps She’s in tears and looks to be a lot of pain but it looks to be something worse than cramp. 6:26pm: SUBSTITUTION: Gregory off for Simkins. 6:31pm: Bit of confusion on whether the referee was going to book Bowman after a handball.

6:34pm: Good shot from Dani Bowman. Hampton saves it. Brighton corner.

6:35pm: Another corner for Brightom

6:35pm: GOAL!!! Lovely cross from Le Garrec and Kayleigh Green makes it 3-0 from an excellent header. 6:37pm: Exciting bursts of attacking play from Brighton. Birmingham are going to have stop them from potentially scoring more. 6:38pm: Birmingham have the ball, just trying to calm play and stop Brighton attacking. 6:43pm: SUBSTITUTION: Bowman off for Nilden.

6:46pm: Good defending from Burton. Close from the corner.

6:46pm: Attendance is 4,130 in the Amex. 6:47pm: Safely caught by Walsh. 6:49pm: Visalli is quite an eye catching player. She seems to be at the centre of every Birmingham attack. 6:50pm: Fern Whelan is currently down getting treatment.

6:51pm: She’s now up and stretching it out.

6:53pm: Calm play from Brighton. Just seem to be playing out time. 6:55pm: Last minute of regular time.

6:56pm: 5 minutes added time.

6:56pm: Le Garrec almost scores. Whelan threads it through and she shoots but unfortunately straight at the keeper. 6:58pm: Great ball from Nilden to Green, almost a great goal but Hampton comes off her line. 7:01pm: Full Time: What a much needed win for Brighton. 3-0. My player of the match for Brighton would be Le Garrec. She’s so exciting to watch and her goal was stunning. My player of the match for Birmingham would be Visalli. She was one of their main threats and as I‘ve said previously she seemed to be at the centre of each attack.

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