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FAWSL: Brighton & Hove Albion vs Arsenal

2:15pm: Teams to be announced at 2:30pm (GMT+3).

2:30pm: Teams:

Brighton: Walsh, Barton, Kerkdijk, Williams, Gibbons, Simpkins, Bowman (C), Le Garrec, Whelan, Green, Nilden.

Arsenal: Zinsberger, Williamson, Quinn, Schnaderbeck, Walti, Roord, Little (C), Nobbs, Evans, Miedema, Van De Donk.

3:32pm: Brighton kick us off!

3:35pm: GOAL! Van De Donk scored! It was a lovely finish. Arsenal have been controlling the game and the pass is a diagonal long pass to Van De Donk who curls it sweetly over the keeper. 1-0 to Arsenal.

3:38pm: Brighton can’t seem to retain possession as Arsenal press them.

3:40pm: Evans crosses it lowly and Walsh saves it after Nobbs shot low and she held onto well after pressure from Miedema.

3:43pm: Nobbs shoots and Walsh saves it.

3:46pm: Green wins a free kick for Brighton.

3:46pm: Le Garrec stands over the ball and she hits it over the goal.

3:47pm: Evans and Nobbs are linking up well.

3:49pm: Walsh saves it after Miedema shoots and Barton clears after Miedema shoots again.

3:51pm: Little to Evans and she crosses it in well But good defending by Brighton.

3:52pm: Arsenal gets a free kick after Le Garrec loses the ball and tries to get it back but fouls Van De Donk.

3:54pm: Nilden gives away a free kick.

3:56pm: Good pressure from Brighton and Le Garrec wins it but Quinn cleans up.

3:57pm: Le Garrec is down.

3:58pm: Le Garrec is back on field. Walsh claimed a ball over the top well.

4:01pm: Nobbs takes it off of Gibbons and passes it to Miedema shoots over.

4:04pm: GOAL! Roord scores a wonderful goal. Williamson crosses it in and Roord takes it down and scores with a lovely finish in the bottom left corner.

4:08pm: Nobbs to Evans to Nobbs again to Miedema who couldn’t find the finish.

4:10pm: Arsenal win a free kick in their half.

4:11pm: Free kick after a foul on Van De Donk.

4:13pm: Free kick for Arsenal in their half again.

4:15pm: Good cross in from Whelan and Zinsberger has to parry it away.

4:16pm: Free kick for Brighton.

4:17pm: Roord gives away a free kick to Brighton. She receives a Yellow Card.

4:17pm: 2 Minutes added time.

4:18pm: Van De Donk crosses it to Nobbs who misses the goal.

4:18pm: What a chance for Brighton. Whelan plays a great pass to Simpkins but she puts it wide.

4:19pm: HALF-TIME: Great first half fro Arsenal. They have been completely dominate in the first half. Both goals’ finishes were beautiful and a great first half. Brighton are simply not defending well enough and they aren’t pressing enough. They started to liven up in the last 5 minutes but they only had one shot in the first half opposed to Arsenal’s 10.

4:38pm: Arsenal get us underway for the second half.

4:38pm: BRIGHTON SUBSTITUTION: Nilden comes off for Natkiel.

4:44pm: GOAL! Jordan Nobbs has scored a beautiful team goal. Schnaderbeck to Van De Donk and Nobbs finishes wonderfully. Arsenal are in complete control now.

4:47pm: Lovely link up play by Brighton but they lost possession.

4:51pm: Brighton win a free kick.

4:53pm: Brighton have a corner. Williams heads it wide.

4:58pm: BRIGHTON SUBSTITUTION: Simpkins off for Connolly.

4:58pm: ARSENAL SUBSTITUTION: Mead comes on for Little.

5:00pm: Brighton are having more frequent spells of possession.

5:02pm: Arsenal are still in complete control allowing Brighton small periods of possession.

5:07pm: Arsenal are waiting patiently for an opening and they are calm in possession.

5:09pm: DOUBLE SUBSTITUTION FOR ARSENAL: Maier comes on for Williamson and McCabe comes on for Nobbs.

5:12pm: Corner for Arsenal.

5:12pm: BRIGHTON SUBSTITUTIO: Le Garrec comes off for Umotong.

5:13pm: Free kick for Brighton.

5:13pm: Free kick for Arsenal and Van De Donk is down receiving treatment.

5:15pm: She’s back on the field.

5:15pm: Free kick in a promising position as Umotong is fouled.

5:16pm: Natkiel’s shot flew over the bar as she shot after a deflection from the cross.

5:17pm: Free kick for Arsenal.

5:18pm: Miedema almost through but Walsh plays the sweeper keeper and gets rid of it.

5:19pm: Free kick for Brighton.

5:20pm: Good move by Brighton. Whelan charges in but Zinsberger collects it.

5:22pm: GOAL! Beth Mead scores. Walsh spills it and Mead puts the ball in the net. Arsenal have now beaten Brighton every time in the league and they’ve scored 4 goals.

5:24pm: 4 minutes added time.

5:27pm: Miedema almost scores after a ball over the top. Walsh runs out to meet her And Miedema pushes it over.

5:28pm: FULL-TIME: Amazing game for Arsenal. Absolute dominance and Brighton could arguably do nothing about it apart from string together a few passes consistently. My player of the match was Leah Williamson. She got 2 assists and was at the centre of all positive play for Arsenal. Her passes, crosses and movement were wonderful and she had a great game.

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