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Bundesliga: VFL Wolfsburg vs Eintracht Frankfurt

12:45pm: Teams to be announced at 3:30pm (GMT+2).

3:30pm: TEAMS: Wolfsburg: Casteels, Mbabu, Roussillon, Pongracic, Brooks, Victor, Schlager, Brekalo, Arnold, Steffen, Weghorst. Frankfurt: Trapp, Hinteregger, Chandler, Abraham, Kostic, Kamada, Kohr, Gacinovic, Hasebe, Rode, Silva.

4:30pm: We’re underway!

4:33pm: The loose ball was cleared by Abraham after a good run from Steffen.

4:35pm: Free kick to Wolfsburg after a hand ball from Frankfurt near Wolfsburg’s own area.

4:36pm: After a collision of heads, free kick to Frankfurt.

4:37pm: Free kick was played short and it went wide to Kamada. He played the ball low into the box and found Hasebe but after hesitation it‘s cleared by Wolfsburg.

4:39pm: Free kick for Frankfurt in a good position.

4:40pm: Kostic put the ball in but it was cleared by Wolfsburg.

4:41pm: Schlager has a chance after Brekalo’s pass but he drags it wide.

4:43pm: Free kick to Wolfsburg after a foul on Steffen.

4:45pm: It’s taken quickly and then Schlager is fouled near the box.

4:45pm: Arnold takes the freekick and it’s a good high shot and Trapp has to deal with it but there was a foul in the wall to Frankfurt.

4:46pm: Kostic put in the corner but it’s cleared by Wolfsburg.

4:47pm: Good tempting cross from Kamada but it was a little too far for anyone to meet in the box.

4:49pm: Hinteregger clears the pressure away.

4:50pm: Roussillon plays it to Brekalo and Trapp saves it and it goes for a corner.

4:51pm: Arnold whips in two consecutive corners and the second is played short and Trapp has to punch it away.

4:54pm: Arnold puts in the cross and it’s intercepted but still it’s crossed in and Brekalo shoots but it’s cleared.

4:56pm: PENALTY for Frankfurt and a yellow card to Pongracic.

4:56pm: GOAL! Andre Silva steps up and scores in the right corner. Great penalty, Silva sent the keeper the wrong way. 1-0 Frankfurt.

4:59pm: Offside after a promising period of play for Frankfurt. Frustration is building up in the Wolfsburg side.

5:01pm: Schlager shoots powerfully from outside the box and it goes wide.

5:02pm: Brekalo shoots too high after a beautiful turn and a long diagonal pass to him.

5:03pm: Mbabu hesitates and tries to play it back to Brekalo instead of shooting and it’s cleared.

5:05pm: Kamada gets a yellow after a foul on Mbabu.

5:08pm: Kostic squares it to Gavinovic who misses.

5:11pm: Trapp saves Frankfurt. Brook lays it off to Weghorst who shoots and Trapp saves it. He shoots again and Trapp saves it again!

5:13pm: Brooks clears the ball again. Corner for Frankfurt.

5:15pm: Pongracic has a foul for Frankfurt on the half way line.

5:15pm: 1 minute added time.

5:15pm: HALF-TIME: Frankfurt have had a good first half and have been clinical. Wolfsburg however, have been dominate. They started to get frustrated but it was entertaining for a neutral. The game was end to end and Wolfsburg played some nice football but couldn’t finish whereas, Frankfurt defended well and Trapp has been amazing for them. Kamada has been good for Frankfurt, he’s been at the centre of them going forward. Schlager has been good for Wolfsburg, he’s been good going forward.

5:33pm: Wolfsburg get us underway for the second half.

5:34pm: Brekalo plays a good ball into Schlager who puts it out off a Frankfurt player.

5:37pm: Roussillon is fouled in his own area.

5:40pm: There appeared to be handball and a penalty call for Wolfsburg but it’s not given.

5:42pm: Good ball to Kamada who laid it off to Kostic and it’s crossed in but it’s put out for a goal kick.

5:46pm: GOAL! Arnold’s cross is whipped in and Mbabu heads it away the equaliser. 1-1.

5:48pm: WOLFSBURG SUBSTITUTION: Victor who was on a yellow card has come off for Mehmedi.

5:49pm: Free kick after a foul on Mehmedi.

5:50pm: Arnold whips it in again and Pongracic‘s effort goes over the bar.

5:54pm: Gacinovic gets a yellow after a foul on Schlager.

5:56pm: Great defending from Wolfsburg, corner for Frankfurt.

5:56pm: Rode earns a yellow card after a foul on Mehmedi.

5:59pm: Frankfurt get a free kick on the half way line.

6:00pm: Brekalo’s shot goes wide.

6:01pm: Good chance for Frankfurt. Chandler crosses the ball in and Gacinovic tries to gain control but Casteels deals with it.

6:02pm: WOLFSBURG SUBSTITUTION: Weghorst comes off for Ginczek.

6:05pm: FRANKFURT SUBSTITUTIONS: Dost comes on for Silva and Fernandes comes on for Rode. Torro comes on for Kohr.

6:10pm: Ginczek has a header towards goals but Trapp deals with it calmly.

6:11pm: FRANKFURT SUBSTITUTION: Gacinovic comes off for Sow.

6:13pm: GOAL! Dost heads it towards Kamada and he scores. 2-1 Frankfurt.

6:15pm: Arnold puts the corner in but it’s cleared by Kamada.

6:16pm: FRANKFURT SUBSTITUTION: Kamada comes off for de Guzman.

6:18pm: Yellow card for Torro.

6:18pm: 4 minutes added time.

6:19pm: Yellow card for Steffen after foul on Kostic.

6:22pm: RED CARD: Second yellow card for Torro. Frankfurt down to 10 men. Roussillon gets a yellow card too.

6:24pm: FULL-TIME: Wolfsburg had a dominate performance but couldn’t take their chances. Wolfsburg became frustrated and Frankfurt had clinical game. They dealt with Wolfsburg’s pressure well and defended brilliantly. They took their chances and had a overall good performance. Kamada is my man of the match because he was at the centre of their attack, he defended well when he was needed and he was vital with the winning goal.

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