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Bundesliga: TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen vs FC Bayern Munich

12:30pm: Teams to be announced at 3:30pm (GMT+2).

3:30pm: TEAMS: TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen: Hradecky, Dragovic, Tapsoba, Bender, Amiri, Diaby, Bellarabi, Aranguiz, Baumgartlinger, Bailey, Alario. FC Bayern Munich: Neuer, Pavard, Alaba, Boateng, Kimmich, Gnarby, Coman, Davies, Goretzka, Muller, Lewandowski.

4:30pm: Leverkusen to get us underway.

4:30pm: Alario was offside.

4:35pm: Aranguiz puts a good ball wide to Bellarabi but he could only earn a throw in.

4:37pm: Yellow card for simulation to Coman.

4:38pm: GOAL! Alario scored but it looks offside.

4:40pm: No offside. 1-0 Leverkusen. Tight call but it’s a goal.

4:41pm: Diaby looks for Alario again as it’s put across goal but it’s cleared.

4:43pm: Corner for Bayern.

4:45pm: Kimmich puts the ball in and Goretzka heads it towards goal but Hradecky ctaches the ball.

4:45pm: Coman has a shot but it was ambitious it’s off target.

4:47pm: Davies is fouled.

4:48pm: Good diagonal ball trying to reach Lewandowski but he can’t get on to it.

4:50pm: Davies puts the ball in and Pavard gets the ball after a deflection but the ball is taken from him.

4:51pm: Lewandowski tries to find Muller but it’s blocked.

4:52pm: Kimmich has his shot blocked and Muller tries to put the ball back in the box but Hradecky catches the ball.

4:54pm: Good ball to the back post from Davies and it’s collected. Muller crosses it in and Lewandowski gets his foot on the ball and Gnabry heads it back to him and he can’t put it over the line as Hradecky saves it.

4:57pm: GOAL! Coman scores clinically with a wonderful curling finish. 1-1.

4:59pm: Davies is fouled outside Leverkusen’s box. Yellow for Amiri.

5:00pm: Promising position. Kimmich goes for goal but Hradecky collects the ball comfortably.

5:01pm: Yellow card for Lewandowski after a foul on Bailey.

5:02pm: Bailey crosses it and it’s deflected. Diaby finds the ball at his feet after a deflection and attempts to pass it wide poorly.

5:03pm: Diaby’s run was brilliant and he crosses it in low but no one found it.

5:05pm: Bellarabi has a yellow card after a foul on Davies.

5:06pm: Coman and Davies broke quickly and Coman‘s turn was wonderful.

5:07pm: Diaby has a shot straight at Neuer.

5:09pm: Kimmich fouls a Leverkusen player after intense pressure from Bayern and Muller gets a yellow card.

5:10pm: GOAL! Goretzka starts a great move and finishes it. Coman passes it to Muller and passes it to Goretzka who finishes well.

5:14pm: Gnabry should’ve scored there, good save from Hradecky.

5:15pm: GOAL! Gnabry scores with a chip over the goalkeeper. Great goal. 3-1.

5:16pm: 2 minutes added time.

5:17pm: HALF-TIME: The games first twenty minutes wasn’t very rhythmic with neither side holding onto the ball considerably well. Bayern were playing poorly but then flipped a switch and scored 3 goals empathically. Leverkusen‘s goalkeeper has been poor and Bayern were getting frustrated but turned it around. Great mentality from Bayern, deserved lead.

5:35pm: Second half is underway at the BayArena.

5:36pm: TSV BAYER 04 LEVERKUSEN SUBSTITUTIONS: Bailey, Bellarabi and Amiri come off for Demirbay, Wendell, Wirtz.

5:37pm: Kimmich puts in the corner but Hradecky claims it.

5:38pm: Diaby has a shot but he should’ve played it earlier.

5:39pm: Davies passes to Muller who has a shot but it goes wide.

5:43pm: Diaby is fouled.

5:43pm: Demirbay puts the ball in well but it was slightly to high for anyone to get their head on it.

5:44pm: Davies makes a great block after Alario‘s header. Good initial cross from Diaby.

5:46pm: Kimmich is fouled by Wirtz.

5:49pm: Great run and pass from Davies. He passes it to Coman who’s touch lets him down but corner for Bayern.

5:50pm: Kimmich puts the ball in, Muller with a glancing header but Hradecky grabs onto the ball.

5:52pm: TSV BAYER 04 LEVERKUSEN SUBSTITUTIONS: Baumgartlinger comes off for Paulinho.

5:53pm: Diaby has another shot but it’s wide.

5:54pm: Coman puts a great cross to Gnabry but he couldn’t keep the ball down.

5:55pm: GOAL! Muller puts in a great cross and Lewandowski meets it with force. Great goal, beautiful header. 4-1.

5:55pm: FC BAYERN MUNICH SUBSTITUTION: Perisic comes on for Coman.

6:01pm: Good spell from Leverkusen, putting pressure on Bayern but not able to break through their defence.

6:03pm: Dragovic gets a yellow card.

6:04pm: FC BAYERN MUNICH SUBSTITUTIONS: Gnarby comes off for Alcantra, Goretzka comes off for Martinez.

6:05pm: TSV BAYER 04 LEVERKUSEN SUBSTITUTIONS: Volland comes on for Alario.

6:07pm: Diaby has a shot and Neuer made sure it went over the bar but ultimately wrong decision from Diaby.

6:09pm: Neuer makes a good save after Wirtz‘s shot.

6:14pm: FC BAYERN MUNICH SUBSTITUTION: Hernandez comes on for Davies.

6:18pm: GOAL! Volland passes it to Wirtz and he scores a beautiful curling goal for Leverkusen. 4-2.

6:20pm: 4 minutes added time.

6:21pm: Lewandowski fouled.

6:24pm: FULL-TIME: Entertaining game. Once Bayern settled into the game, they had a good game and they scored some emphatic goals. Leverkusen did well to keep their game plan going at 4-1 down. Leverkusen struggled with Bayern’s intensity and pressure but they did well. Wirtz became the youngest ever player to score in the Bundesliga. My man of the match is Muller, he created chances effectively and his link-up play with Lewandowski worked efficiently.

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