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Bundesliga: Fortuna Dusseldorf vs Borussia Dortmund

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

1:35pm: Teams to be announced at 3:30pm (GMT+2).

3:30pm: TEAMS: Fortuna Dusseldorf: Katsenmeier, Ayhan, Suttner, Giesselmann, Hoffman, Zimmerman, Sobottka, Stoger, Berisha, Thommy, Karaman. Borussia Dortmund: Burki, Piszczek, Akanji, Hakimi, Guerreiro, Hummels, Hazard, Can, Wistel, Brandt, Sancho.

4:30pm: Dortmund get us underway for the first half.

4:35pm: Suttner puts a good ball forward for Karaman however, he’s offside.

4:38pm: Sancho runs past Gisselmann and he wins a corner.

4:39pm: Sancho delivers the corner, Can heads the ball to the back post but Kastenmeier catches the ball.

4:41pm: Sancho fouls Karaman after trying to regain the ball.

4:42pm: Piszczek gives a free kick away.

4:43pm: The free kick is put in low and in the middle of the box. Burki collects the ball easily.

4:44pm: Good link up play from Zimmerman and Berisha. Corner for Dusseldorf.

4:48pm: Tommy and Berisha linked up well with the corner but Hummels headed the ball away and put Dortmund on for a counterattack. Hazard drives forward and gives the ball to Sancho. He puts the ball across to Hakimi and it was a one on one situation but Kastenmeier does well and puts his body in the way.

4:52pm: Piszczek fouls Thommy.

4:54pm: Great ball from Hakimi to Sancho who just touched the ball behind him to Brandt. He was tackled but great move and a well timed tackle.

4:55pm: Suttner‘s ball was collected by Burki.

4:58pm: Brandt shoots but Kastenmeier catches it. Sancho plays it to Witsel who plays it back to him. Sancho then plays it to Guerreiro and then to Brandt who is falling as he shoots. Good move, picked apart Dusseldorf‘s defence.

5:01pm: Good ball to Hazard but his was offside.

5:04pm: Hazard fouls Thommy.

5:07pm: Free kick after Hakimi fouls Gisselmann when he was trying to keep the ball on the pitch.

5:10pm: Dortmund have been finding their rhythm and knocking the ball around well.

5:14pm: Sancho is fouled by Berisha.

5:15pm: HALF-TIME: Dortmund have had more of the ball and the better chances but Dusseldorf have been putting pressure on Dortmund well. Dortmund have had a few good breaks and Hakimi should’ve scored his first chance. Dortmund should be winning but Dusseldorf will be happy for it to be 0-0 at half time. They’ve had a strong game defending.

5:33pm: Dusseldorf kick us off for the second half.

5:34pm: Corner for Dusseldorf.

5:35pm: Giesselmann puts it in the box and it’s cleared by Dortmund.

5:37pm: Hofmann is fouled by Can.

5:43pm: Sancho drives forward but misplaces his final ball.

5:44pm: Giesselmann puts the ball in the box for the corner and it’s cleared. Burki then collects the ball.

5:46pm: Hazard receives a yellow card after he frustratedly kicked the ball away after the referee blew his whistle for offside.

5:48pm: The referee had to have a word for Dusseldorf’s coach Rosler.

5:50pm: BORUSSIA DORTMUND SUBSTITUTION: Haaland comes on for Witsel.

5:52pm: Burki makes a great save.

5:53pm: GOAL! Hakimi plays it to Harland and his shot is deflected. Guerrerio then shoots and scores! Dortmund have finally broken the deadlock. 1-0.

5:55pm: CORRECTION NO GOAL: Handball. 0-0.

5:57pm: Yellow card for Akanji after a high foot on Zimmermann.

5:58pm: Thommy crosses the ball in and it’s put out for a throw in.

5:59pm: Corner for Dusseldorf.

6:00pm: The cross hits Akanji’s head.

6:02pm: BORUSSIA DORTMUND SUBSTITUTION: Hazard comes off for Reyna.

6:03pm: FORTUNA DUSSELDORF SUBSTITUTION: Suttner comes off for Skrzybski.

6:07pm: Handball off Brandt.

6:09pm: Foul on Reyna by Gisselmann.

6:09pm: FORTUNA DUSSELDORF SUBSTITUTION: Karaman comes off for Hennings.

6:10pm: Burki saves Berisha’s shot and it hits the post.

6:11pm: FORTUNA DUSSELDORF SUBSTITUTIONS: Sobottka comes off for Morelos. Zimmer comes on for Thommy.

6:13pm: Yellow card for Hakimi.

6:14pm: Corner for Dusseldorf.

6:14pm: Stoger puts the ball in and Burki punches it away.

6:18pm: Skrzybski is running through the defence, great ball to him. He shoots and it’s off the post! What a shot. Still 0-0.

6:19pm: 5 minutes added time.

6:23pm: GOAL! Haaland scores. Clinical. Akanji crosses it in and Haaland heads it in. 1-0.

6:24pm: FULL-TIME: Both teams had a good game and a late winner seems harsh on Dusseldorf. They had a great game and defended and fought well until the end giving Dortmund no space. They struggled to penetrate Dusseldorf’s defence but Haaland in the end got one chance and scored. My man of the match is Akanji, he’s had a good game defending for Dortmund and he assisted Haaland’s late winner.

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