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Bundesliga: Borussia Monchengladbach vs TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen

1:50pm: Teams to be announced at 3:30pm (GMT+2).

3:30pm: TEAMS: Borussia Monchengladbach: Sommer, Bensebaini, Lainer, Elvedi, Ginter, Strobl, Hofmann, Neuhaus, Embolo, Thuram, Plea. Leverkusen: Hradecky, Tapsoba, Dragovic, Weiser, Bender, Diaby, Demirbay, Aranguiz, Sinkgraven, Bellarabi, Havertz.

4:32pm: Leverkusen get us underway today at Borussia Park.

4:32pm: Diaby fouls Lainer.

4:34pm: Demirbay drives forward and shoots but Sommer holds the ball between his legs confidently.

4:37pm: Havertz accidentally fouls Embolo by kicking his leg as he was in between the ball and Havertz.

4:38pm: GOAL! Bellarabi plays Havertz through and Havertz places it over Sommer. 1-0 Leverkusen.

4:40pm: Embolo is down again after being kicked earlier.

4:43pm: Demirbay has another shot but he drags it wide.

4:44pm: BORUSSIA MONCHENGLADBACH SUBSTITUTION: Embolo comes off for Stindl.

4:44pm: Free kick for Monchengladbach.

4:45pm: Strobl has a shot go over however it was a wild effort.

4:49pm: Thuram wins a foul for Monchengladbach.

4:50pm: Hofmann crosses it in and the referee calls offside.

4:53pm: Ginter passes it down the channel to Lainer and his low cross is deflected and Havertz goes down the other end and Bellerabi took too long on the ball and his pass is intercepted.

4:56pm: Great ball to Thuram and he tries to control the ball but Bender defends well and he’s called offside.

4:57pm: Corner for Leverkusen.

4:58pm: Demirbray whips the corner in and it’s headed back into the middle of the box and it’s shot over the bar.

4:59pm: Sommer saves the ball after a good shot from a tight angle from Bellarabi.

5:01pm: Strobl fouls Diaby on the half way line.

5:04pm: Leverkusen are controlling the game with lots of possession and high pressing and Monchengladbach are struggling to cope.

5:10pm: Leverkusen have won another free kick on the outside of their area.

5:11pm: Corner for Monchengladbach.

5:12pm: Hofmann crosses it in. Havertz defends and it falls to Neuhaus who has a shot and Hradecky saves it and then holds it with his feet.

5:13pm: Free kick for Monchengladbach. Hofmann crosses it and it’s cleared by Leverkusen.

5:15pm: Havertz chips the ball to Diaby who fouls Ginter.

5:16pm: Havertz has a shot hit the bar and Elvedi blocks another shot from Diaby on the rebound.

5:18pm: HALF-TIME: Leverkusen should’ve made it 2-0 in the closing minutes but their neat possession based game has Monchengladbach struggling to cope with their high intensity. Great first half from Havertz who’s been great going forward. Monchengladbach lost Embolo early on and their game just fell apart from there. They are struggling to complete passes and are lucky to still be in the game at half time.

5:34pm: We’re underway for the second half!

5:35pm: Good play from Thuram and he passed to Plea but it was intercepted.

5:37pm: Good link up play from Monchengladbach and they have a corner.

5:38pm: Good chance after an interception but Bensebaini’s shot goes wide.

5:40pm: GOAL! Thuram equalises! Plea crosses it to Thuram who fires it in to the net.

5:44pm: Bellarabi is fouled after his shot went wide.

5:45pm: Penalty is given to Leverkusen.

5:46pm: GOAL! Havertz scores the penalty even though Sommer got a touch.

5:49pm: Bellarabi fouls Bensebaini.

5:50pm: Hofmann crosses it in and the header goes on to this net.

5:51pm: Yellow card for Diaby.

5:52pm: Thuram to Neuhaus who’s shot is cleared but closer and better from Monchengladbach.

5:54pm: Good period of pressure from Monchengladbach.

5:55pm: LEVERKUSEN SUSBTITUTION: Bailey comes on for Bellarabi.

5:56pm: Diaby has a shot but Sommer catches it.

5:58pm: Great tackle from Strobl to stop a shot.

5:59pm: Bensebainer gets a yellow after a late foul on Weiser.

6:04pm: Sommer saves a shot and Demirbay has a shot go over the bar.


6:06pm: Neuhaus wins a free kick in a promising position.

6:07pm: Benes shoots and it’s not too far away.


6:09pm: LEVERKUSEN SUSBTITUTION: Baumgartlinger comes on for Dragovic.

6:11pm: GOAL! Demirbay crosses it in and Bender heads it in the back of the net. 3-1 to Leverkusen.

6:13pm: Plea comes close with a header that just goes wide of the post.

6:14pm: Another great effort from Plea after a beautiful ball from Neuhaus.

6:15pm: Benes crosses in the corner and there’s claims of handball but the referee made the correct decision.

6:19pm: Corner for Leverkusen. Havertz plays it short to Demirbay and they’re keeping the ball.

6:20pm: 3 minutes added.

6:21pm: Free kick won by Benes. He crosses it in but Bensebainer was offside.

6:22pm: FULL-TIME: Leverkusen started in control and finished in control. Monchengladbach got better in the second half however, Leverkusen deserved the win. Their overall game was better as they closed down Monchengladbach more and attacked quickly. Monchengladbach had a good spell but they struggled to cope with Leverkusen’s intensity. Leverkusen played a wonderful game, Havertz has been vital and is my man of the match. He was everywhere on the field and his work rate was excellent.

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