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Bundesliga: Eintracht Frankfurt vs Borussia Monchengladbach

Updated: May 23, 2020

1:05pm: Teams to be announced at 6:30pm (GMT+2).

6:30pm: TEAMS: Eintracht Frankfurt: Trapp, NDicka, Ilsanker, Sow, Dost, Kostic, Hinteregger, Kamada, Rode, Toure, Abraham. Borussia Monchengladbach: Sommer, Strobl, Thuram, Plea, Lainer, Hofmann, Bensebaini, Ginter, Elvedi, Neuhaus, Embolo.

7:30pm: Eintracht Frankfurt get us underway.

7:31pm: GOAL! Plea passed it to Hofmann who passed it back to him and Plea tucked it under the keeper. 1-0, what a start for Monchengladbach!

7:34pm: Embolo was fouled.

7:35pm: Lainer was fouled by Rode.

7:37pm: GOAL! Bensebaini played it across goal for Thuram to attack and score. 2-0.

7:39pm: Elvedi fouled Dost. He receives a yellow card.

7:40pm: The free kick was crossed in for Dost to attack but it was deflected out.

7:41pm: Two consecutive corners. The ball was headed wide in the second corner.

7:46pm: Frankfurt have another corner after steady play from both sides. The corner is low and is met by a player in blue.

7:47pm: Free kick for Monchengladbach after a foul on Neuhaus on the outside of their own box.

7:49pm: Good bit of play by Frankfurt. They put some passes together and it was cleared.

7:51pm: Good ball through to Plea and Trapp parries it but Hofmann shoots over.

7:53pm: Great save by Sommer after a free kick taken by Kostic.

7:54pm: Kostic receives a yellow after claiming to be struck in the face.

7:57pm: Foul against Embolo by Sow. Monchengladbach are patiently building.

8:00pm: Lainer played it to Plea who crossed lowly it to Thurman but it was picked up by Trapp.

8:05pm: Lainer is fouled by Kostic on the outside of his own box.

8:06pm: Yellow card for NDicka after a foul on Thurman.

8:08pm: Frankfurt are having a good spell of control.

8:11pm: Free kick after a foul on Sow by Strobl.

8:12pm: Strong hands by Sommer. Kostic crossed the ball in and Abraham met it. Sommer caught it firmly.

8:15pm: Free kick given away by Thuram. Taken quickly by Frankfurt.

8:16pm: 1 minute added time.

8:16pm: Plea shot but it was saved at his near post by Trapp.

8:17pm: Half-Time: Borussia Monchengladbach started emphatically scoring 2 goals in 7 minutes. Frankfurt regained some control by the end of the match but Monchengladbach earned a corner in the last minute. Plea has had a great first half and he’s been involved with most things attacking. Kostic has been good for Frankfurt. He has delivered set pieces well.

8:33pm: We’re underway for the second half.


8:35pm: Foul on Embolo.

8:36pm: Kamada had a shot deflected for a corner.

8:37pm: Sommer collects the loose ball from the corner.

8:40pm: Dost headed the ball towards goal but it was too high.

8:41pm: NDicka fouled Neuhaus. The free kick is taken quickly.

8:43pm: Good run from Embolo and he did everything right except he picked the wrong pass.

8:45pm: Thuram did well to keep the ball and he passed it to Hofmann on the touch line but he couldn’t find his teammate.

8:46pm: Bensebaini shot but it was too high.

8:47pm: Yellow card for Silva after a foul on Ginter.

8:48pm: Thuram’s cross is caught by Trapp.

8:51pm: Dost calls for handball but linesperson says Dost is offside.

8:52pm: Embolo fouls Hinteregger.

8:53pm: BORUSSIA MONCHENGLADBACH SUBSTITUTION: Herrmann comes on for Thuram.

8:56pm: What a brilliant strike! Plea curled it in but it hit the woodwork.

8:57pm: Yellow card for Ilsanker after fouling Hofmann.


9:01pm: GOAL! Bensebainer stands over it. He runs up and scores in the left bottom corner, 3-0.

9:02pm: EINTRACHT FRANKFURT SUBSTITUTIONS: Chandler on for Ilsanker. Abraham off for Hasebe.

9:05pm: BORUSSIA MONCHENGLADBACH SUBSTITUTIONS: Embolo for Wendt. Bensebainer for Stindl.


9:09pm: Lainer crossed it in but Trapp seized it.

9:10pm: GOAL! Rode plays it to Silva and he scores. 3-1.

9:11pm: EINTRACHT FRANKFURT SUBSTITUTIONS: Kohr comes on for NDicka.

9:13pm: After a wonderful ball to Hofmann, he shoots too late and Hinteregger blocks the shot.

9:17pm: Kohr gets a yellow card.

9:18pm: Stindl’s free kick was close! His shot skimmed the top netting.

9:18pm: BORUSSIA MONCHENGLADBACH SUBSTITUTIONS: Jantschke on for Plea. Benes on for Neuhaus.

9:19pm: Herrmann’s shot goes wide.

9:20pm: 4 minutes added.

9:22pm: Sommer makes a great save.

9:23pm: Full-Time: Borussia Monchengladbach had a good game, they got shaky towards the end as they were trying to hold on to their lead but nevertheless they won the game emphatically. Frankfurt got stronger in the second half and they were building but unfortunately it all came too late. My man of the match was Plea. He was everywhere and he made himself a known threat throughout the game.

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