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Bundesliga: Borussia Monchengladbach vs 1. FC Union Berlin

2:15pm: Teams to be announced at 3:30pm (GMT+2).

3:30pm: TEAMS: Borussia Monchengladbach: Sommer, Ginter, Bensebaini, Elvedi, Lainer, Herrmann, Hofmann, Neuhaus, Stindl, Thuram, Plea. FC Union Berlin: Gikiewicz, Friedrich, Schlotterbeck, Subotic, Trimmel, Lenz, Promel, Gentner, Ingvartsen, Andersson, Bulter.

4:30pm: Monchengladbach get us underway!

4:31pm: Foul for Union Berlin on the outside of their area.

4:34pm: It’s been an interesting couple of minutes with both sides battling for possession.

4:36pm: Thuram intercepts and puts a ball in the box but Gikiewicz collects the ball.

4:38pm: Thuram fouls Trimmel after Thuram tries to turn.

4:39pm: Bulter puts a ball in the box but it’s cleared by Monchengladbach.

4:40pm: Thuram puts a ball in and it goes for a throw after Gikiwicz gets a hand on it.

4:41pm: Hofmann takes the corner and it’s cleared by Union Berlin.

4:42pm: Gikiewicz saves a shot from Neuhaus from a long way out. It has to put a hand on it to make sure it wasn’t dipping.

4:44pm: Thuram has a shot after a lovely period of play but Gikiewicz saves it.

4:46pm: Thuram puts a ball in the box and Monchengladbach have players in the box but Gikiewicz puts it out again.

4:47pm: GOAL! Herrmann passes it to Neuhaus and he shoots, it went in off the post. 1-0.

4:48pm: Bulter gets a yellow card after a foul on Herrmann.

4:52pm: Gikiewicz saves Stindl’s shot after he intercepted the ball.

4:55pm: Genter puts the ball in the box but it was cleared.

4:56pm: Plea is fouled in a good position.

4:56pm: Stindl tries to chip the free kick over the wall but it’s cleared by Union Berlin.

4:58pm: Gentner puts the ball in and it’s met by Friedrich but rhe header is too high.

5:00pm: Yellow card for Friedrich.

5:05pm: Monchengladbach have had a good couple periods of steady play and holding possession.

5:07pm: Hofmann is fouled.

5:10pm: GOAL! Plea picks out Thuram and he heads it in. Beautiful football. 2-0 Monchengladbach.

5:15pm: HALF-TIME: Monchengladbach had a great performance. Both teams struggled in the first 15 minutes to dominate but Monchengladbach scored and then found their rhythm. Union Berlin have tested Monchengladbach‘s defence but they struggled to break through. Plea has had a good game with lots of runs and great passing.

5:33pm: Union Berlin get us underway for the second half!

5:33pm: UNION BERLIN SUBSTITUTION: Subotic comes off for Kroos.

5:35pm: The ball went in but Andersson was offside.

5:37pm: Free kick for Berlin.

5:37pm: GOAL! The ball went in, Ingvartsen headed it across goal and Andersson headed the ball in. 2-1.

5:39pm: Stindl intercepts and it goes to Herrmann who is in on the keeper but it hits the side netting after a deflection.

5:42pm: Herrmann is fouled in a good position for Gladbach.

5:44pm: Bensebaini has a good shot with his left foot but it just skimmed the crossbar.

5:45pm: Plea’s shot is blocked and saved by us Gikiewicz.

5:46pm: GOAL! Plea crosses it to Thuram and he scores! 3-1.

5:48pm: UNION BERLIN SUBSTITUTION: Lenz comes off for Ryerson.

5:49pm: Neuhaus gets a yellow after a foul on Ryerson. Ryerson is down with what appears as a knee injury.

5:51pm: He’s now standing.

5:52pm: UNION BERLIN SUBSTITUTION: Unfortunately he can’t continue and Ryerson is replaced by Mees.

5:56pm: Bensebaini played a wonderful ball to Thuram and he shouts from a tight space and it’s pushed away from Gikiewicz.

6:00pm: BORUSSIA MONCHENGLADBACH SUBSTITUTION: Herrmann comes off for Kramer.

6:03pm: Mees had a shot go wide.

6:07pm: UNION BERLIN SUBSTITUTION: Ingvartsen comes off for Malli.

6:09pm: GOAL! Stindl passes to Bensebaini who crosses to Plea who drags it past the keeper.

6:10pm: BORUSSIA MONCHENGLADBACH SUBSTITUTIONS: Stindl comes off for Traore. Hofmann comes off for Benes.

6:12pm: Malli has a shot but Sommer caught it.

6:15pm: Thuram outs the ball in the box with a tempting low cross but unfortunately no one was there to meet it.

6:17pm: BORUSSIA MONCHENGLADBACH SUBSTITUTIONS: Neuhaus comes off for Doucoure.

6:18pm: 3 minutes added time.

6:21pm: FULL-TIME: Borussia Monchengladbach had a great performance. They played some beautiful football and scored some lovely goals. Union Berlin had some good spells and showed promise after their goal but couldn’t keep Monchengladbach out. Thuram has had a wonderful game and is my man of the match. His creativity and his finishing was essential in Gladbach’s win.

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