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Bundesliga: Borussia Dortmund vs Schalke 04

Updated: May 23, 2020

1:05pm: Teams to be announced at 3:30pm (GMT+2).

3:30pm: TEAMS: Borussia Dortmund: Burki, Akanji, Hakimi, Guerreiro, Piszczek, Hummels, Dahoud, Brandt, Delaney, Hazard, Haaling. Schalke 04: Schuber, Oczipka, Kenny, Sane, Todibo, Nastasic, Caligiuri, McKennie, Harit, Serdar, Raman.

4:32pm: Borussia Dortmund gets us underway at Signal Iduna Park.

4:34pm: Raman broke forward but Hakimi tackles him and is fouled in the process.

4:35pm: Harland tried to pass but it ricocheted off a Schalke player and he runs through with the ball but Schubert parries it and Hakimi looked certain to follow it in but Schubert got a hold of the ball.

4:37pm: Dahoud fouled a Schalke player in a promising position. The freekick was shot into the Dortmund wall.

4:38pm: Hazard has a shot that went over.

4:41pm: Hazard is fouled by Nastasic.

4:41pm: Haaling met the cross and Kenny blocked it but it’s being checked for a penalty.

4:42pm: No penalty.

4:43pm: Hakimi tried to find Hazard at the back post but McKennie cleared it.

4:46pm: Guerreiro has a shot saved after a promising break through.

4:48pm: Serdar did a few tricks and is fouled on the half way line.

4:49pm: Dortmund are playing keep ball and the patient build up is working well for them so far.

4:53pm: Serdar fouls Hazard in a good position.

4:54pm: Hakimi hits the wall and goes out for a corner.

4:55pm: Corner was taken well but cleared by Nastasic and it was crossed into the box again and Harland hit the side netting.

4:57pm: McKennie drove forward and it’s crossed in and Caliguari battles with Akanji and shoots. Burki saves it and then collects the ball.

4:59pm: GOAL! Hazard crosses it in and Haaland let it hit him and it went in.

5:00pm: Hazard is fouled by Todibo just over the half way line.

5:05pm: Great ball from Burki diagonally to Hakimi who runs on to it and crosses it across back to Hazard who shoots over the bar.

5:10pm: Caligiuri crosses a wonderful ball to Harit who was offside.

5:11pm: Hakimi passes the ball who passes it to Brandt and he plays it back to Hakimi. He dribbled but his shot was blocked.

5:12pm: Brandt crossed in the corner and Dahoud shot it and it was blocked.

5:16pm: GOAL! Dortmund have a two goal lead, Schubert cleared the ball to Brandt. He played it to Guerreiro who placed his shot and scored.

5:17pm: Half-time: Dortmund played a neat possession based game. It was patient build up and it paid off for the them. Schalke looked promising in one or two spells however, they couldn’t pressure Dortmund off the ball to create good enough chances. Guerrerio has had a good game with his goal and he’s been involved a lot during Dortmund’s build up play. Serdar has been Schalke’s most promising player and his trickery and drive forward has helped Schalke but they have struggled to smother Dortmund’s possession play.

5:34pm: Second half is underway. SCHALKE SUBSTITUTIONS: Raman comes off for Matondo. Tobido comes off for Burgstaller.

5:37pm: GOAL! Brandt crosses it to Hazard and he scored! He struck it beautifully.

5:41pm: There was a foul on Harit. He crossed it in and it was cleared.

5:41pm: Yellow Card for Delaney after a foul on Serdar.

5:44pm: Harit played it to Burgstaller who shot but Burki saved it firmly.

5:50pm: Good play from Schalke who are having a good spell of possession and attacking but they have not had many chances.

5:51pm: GOAL! Guerreiro plays it to Haaland who played it back to him. He curls it past the keeper. 4-0.

5:54pm: Good play from Guerreiro and Hakimi. Hakimi played it back to Guerreiro overlapped and crossed it in but it was too far.

5:56pm: BORUSSIA DORTMUND SUBSTITUTION: Balerdi on for Delaney.

5:57pm: The ball fell to McKennie who shot but it was blocked.

5:58pm: Burgstaller was fouled in a promising position. Caligiuri crossed it in and it was cleared.

6:01pm: Piszczek got Yellow card for a handball.

6:03pm: Oczipka crossed the corner in but Sane headed it over.

6:04pm: SCHALKE SUBSTITUTION: Caligiuri comes off for Schopf.

6:06pm: DORTMUND SUBSTITUTION: Hazard comes off for Sancho.

6:10pm: Schalke are trying to build but they can’t find the right pass or pick out the right player.

6:11pm: Hakimi snatched the ball and crossed it to Haaland who couldn’t get there to shoot but he passed it to Sancho who was smothered.

6:14pm: Matondo fouled Hakimi. He recieves a yellow card.

6:15pm: SCHALKE SUBSTITUTIONS: Miranda comes on for Serdar. Becker comes on for Kenny.

6:15pm: DORTMUND SUBSTITUTION: Schmelzer comes on for Guerrerio. Gotze comes on for Dahoud.

6:19pm: Full-Time: Dortmund played a good steady game, Schalke struggled to attack with their passes not precise enough. My man of the match was Brandt. He got an assist and played well and was at the centre of most things going forward.

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